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The archaeology, the wonder of nature, the churches and cathedrals, colorful culture, and gold and emeralds -- these are all signs of Colombia. Welcome the hospitality of a Colombia vacation rental, and relax!


An extremely diverse terrain covers Colombia – the mountains, beaches, jungles are contrasted by valleys and deserts. Colombia is an active agricultural producer, and its main products of coffee and sugar are known and enjoyed around the world. Colombia is rich in natural emerald, and maintains a large gold, silver, and platinum production. An abundance of bird species and overall diversity in its ecosystems are characteristic of Colombia. With such a temperately warm climate of the lowlands and plain areas, and the coolness of the Andes, a solid vacation destination can be had.

Colombia Vaction Spots

Touring the capital city of Bogotá can be generally accomplished in three days. La Plaza de Bolivar features government buildings in the neoclassical style. The well-known Gold Museum displays one of the top collections of gold and emerald jewelry, not to mention artifacts from the pre-Colombian era, a tribute to the native Indian culture. If you’d like some fun, try La Zona Rosa for a combination of shopping, classy food, and entertainment. There are indeed cheap Bogotá rentals available.

The city of Medellín is noted for its number of orchid plantations and their production, which results in thousands of different kinds of orchids. Tour the official mint of Colombia, the Casa de la Moneda, and actually see the gold transformation into minted coins. A brick building named the Cathedral Metropolitana can’t be missed, since it is reputedly the largest building of its material globally. For a dash of history, the Old Town District has a rebuilt 18th-century village in Antioquian style.

The walled city of Cartagena is an international tourist destination for cruise ships. In Old City, there are streets of cobblestone on which are emerald and leather shops in buildings of colonial style. Spectacular views of the city’s harbor and the contemporary part of Cartagena are found from the ascent of las murallas. The highly decorated churches are well worth visiting, including altars made of gold. Fortunately, there are several Cartagena apartment rentals ready to be reserved!

San Andres is a refreshing island break from the mainland vacations, having more of a typical Caribbean feel - with plenty of coconuts trees, exciting coral reefs, and sands in both pink and white colors. You can easily interact with the locals, or settle in for a long day of fishing. Diving is a very popular activity, and for the adventurous, Pirate Henry Morgan’s Cave reminds vacationers that there is still a buried treasure yet to be found on the archipelago containing San Andres.

Santa Marta
has the distinction of being the oldest city in the country of Colombia. The coastline is made up of beaches, ripe for diving and snorkeling, with a backdrop of high mountains. Along the beaches is a road lined with nightclubs, where the favorite dancing is to Vallenata music. The old part of town is particularly interesting with a cathedral, the jewelry artifacts at Tayrona Archaeological Museum, and the gardens of Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino.

Cali really shows itself each year with La Feria de Cali, specializing in bullfighting and the top quality matadors from around the world, with splashes of salsa music, fashion, and cuisine from all over. Cali’s churches, architectural works themselves, contain works of fine art, primarily San Francisco Church and La Merced’s convent, with artifacts, carvings, and paintings.

A small and somewhat mysterious village, San Agustin was home to a civilization circa 500 A.D. – 1100 A.D., and all that is left of knowledge of the people is in San Agustin’s ruins. The stone monoliths are also impressive for vacationers to see. San Agustin is lies in a strikingly attractive part of Colombia, and the “park” access is via horse, 4-wheel drive, or on foot. Accommodations are easy to find in San Agustin, as well as food choices.

A Colombia vacation promises you a truly unique, enlightening, and unforgettable experience. But whether it's Cartagena apartment rentals or Bogotá rentals you stay in, Colombia vacation rentals are your best option by far!

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