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Could it be that the coral reefs along the rim of the islands captivate? Maybe some of the languages or customs? Perhaps it’s the diving and snorkeling that attract you, the vacationer. Oh boy…just wait until you see the range of accommodation that are the Cook Islands vacation rentals.

Cook Islands Dance

Dance in the Cook Islands is truly Polynesian, but has its own distinct flavor also. Island nights in the Cook Islands don’t only bring you into the local cuisine; you’ll be treated to an evening of dance. The dancing has its own rules of flat foot feet movement and hip swaying. The music to dance to consists of drums, ukuleles, and guitars. A very different type of dancing found on the Cook Islands is fire knife dancing, a Polynesian tradition. Delight in the bright flames being twirled by the dancers. Otea drum dances are performed in Rarotonga as well.

Cook Islands Vacation Spots

The capital of the Cook Islands, Rarotonga, is an island of mountain peaks, verdant rainforests, and beautiful coastline lined by palm trees and tropical flowers. Avarua is the main town and primary port, where cruising yachts like to dock, and Avarua has a variety of shopping locations and cafes to peruse. Cycling is a fun way to circle the island, and the motor scooter is a popular form of transportation.

Aitutaki is amazingly stunning with uninhabited islands within its lagoon, palms moving to the breeze, and beaches of white sand. Fantastic swimming and snorkeling is available off of the main island. Aitutaki is a honeymooner’s dream vacation. By day, take advantage of the shops in the villages, and by evening, enjoy the island nights of traditional dancing and drumming.

Atiu features a limestone coral reef surrounding the entire island that has, on top, limestone caves with kopeka birds inside. Find a large colony of tavake, tropical red-tailed birds. For shopping, try the Atiu Womens Arts and Crafts Market, where fans, hats, and pandanus baskets are put out for sale.

Find plenty of shell leis on the largest island, Mangaia, and vegetation grows among its encircling coral reef. Two birds make their home exclusively on Mangaia: the Mangaian kingfisher and the Mangaian reed warbler. Discover real respite on Mauke, where the makatea (reef) around the coastline creates coves of white sand and has water caves to explore. Inland, ecotourism is at its best with arable farmland.

Smell the tiporo on Mitiaro: it’s a lime with a great scent. Two salt lakes cover a good portion of the center of Mitiaro, and they contain eels called itiki, a consumption delight. Note the tidiness of the villages, and this is where hand-made crafts and sports flourish.

The remote island of Palmerston is only accessible by sea, and you’ll hear a crossbreed of English and Cook Island languages from its tiny number of inhabitants. It was first settled by William Masters and two Rarotongan wives. Manihiki is noted for its deep lagoon with black pearls, and the handcrafted coconut fiber hats. The underwater life is very well multicolored, which leads to superior snorkeling and diving. You can actually spend your vacation in a beach bungalow here!

Northernmost Penrhyn, also known as Tongareva, has the largest lagoon of the island group atolls, twenty-four miles of which is covered by pearlshell. It is the most remote island, and has a number of white sand beaches to enjoy. You’ll discover a different dialect from the rest of the Cook Islands on Pukapuka, and different social norms, too. The people love sporting, and a form of island cricket from Samoa is highly popular. Find mats of fine weave on Pukapuka as well.

The lesser-visited islands still have some interest to vacationers. Manuae is a marine reserve, while the sanctuary of Takutea is designed to protect the seabird populations’ breeding sites. Rakahanga has a curious landscape of an almost completely landlocked lagoon surrounded by a relatively thin strip of land. Suwarrow, an island inhabited by a hermit’s family, is now deemed as a conservation reserve where yachts occasionally visit. Nassau is a small island with about 100 inhabitants, proximate to Pukapuka.

But if you hope to truly experience the Cook Islands, you need a Cook Islands villa or condo. 

Why Cook Islands vacation rentals?

A Cook Islands vacation home is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the beautiful South Pacific! And luckily, a Cook Islands villa, condo, or home, is not only convenient and luxurious, but affordable. So find a great Cook Islands vacation home and inquire about it ASAP. 

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