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The incredible flora and fauna, the people, the beaches, and the diverse landscape, all converge on Costa Rica. There are so many reasons to book Costa Rica vacation rentals!

Costa Rican Culture

Probably the most pronounced feature of Coast Rican culture is its friendliness and hospitality, a great asset for those taking a Costa Rica vacation . With a democracy government, standing out in Latin America, Costa Ricans love peace. Not having a military means that Costa Ricans can benefit from a higher standard of living. Costa Rica is racially diverse, which permeates the culture from its cuisine to its handicrafts to its music. Its European influence shows in its architecture and official language. Thanks to the many available vacaiton rentals in Costa Rica, you can really mix with the crowd and socialize!

Best Costa Rica Vacation Locations

The Northern Pacific region welcomes tourists with traditional demonstrations and those from folklore, with bull riding a popular one. Enjoy the wide variety and numerous beaches of white or gray sand, with various degrees of surf quality. Photography is a very common activity that captures the full range of landscape including caves, dry forests, and volcanoes. Guanacaste vacation rentals are conveniently located near superior dive sites, and the local sportfishing not only caters to casual vacationers, but there also are a number of record-breaking tournaments held.

Central Pacific has accessible beaches and two main towns for vacationers: Puntarenas, Jacó and Quepos. Try the very fresh seafood of various types here: wahoo, lobster, tuna, and shrimp. Enjoy the surfing with especially good breaks on the coastline of Jacó. Manuel Antonio is an incredible park with a tropical forest, beaches, and spectacular Costa Rican wildlife. Quepos is famous for its fishing opportunities to catch marlin and sailfish. Bask in the sun on the attractive beaches of Puntarenas.

An extremely wide array of biological life exists in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica, whose best time to visit (without the rain) is between January and April. Corcovado National Park is home to some types of flora not found at other locations, and hundreds of birds, amphibians, and mammals. The beaches found in this region are more desolate and secret, and the coast is great for surfing, being home to the famous break called Pavones.

San José
, located in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica, is a very modern capital city with a dash of traditional architecture. You’ll find a number of fine quality museums, even some dedicating themselves to a particular material, namely the Gold and Jade Museums. Near San Jose, the magnificent cathedral Catedral de Alajuela is made from marble and built in 1854. More history can be found in the town of Cartago, near to the capital, established in 1563. There are many restaurants to enjoy in San José as well.

The Northern Zone is amazingly blessed with six hundred bird species, so birdwatching is a completely natural activity. You’ll find a terrain mixed between forest and hills, with a remarkable lake name Lake Arenal. Lake Arenal is a man-made lake with fast wind speeds, making it ideal for windsurfing. Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge exists in the low-lying northern plains, and access to the refuge is either by road or boat depending on the season. Monteverde is the mountain region of the north whose main tourist draw is the nature and sporting adventures, but a cultural draw remains with the Quaker community. Arenal Volcano height goes up to 1 mile above sea level and is not a dormant volcano; rather it produces ash and smoke, and red lava can best be seen in the nighttime. Santa Elena is a mountain community that has characteristics of both rural and city, and offers tourist services.

The Caribbean region really stands out with its own culture and wonderful attractions. Along with the beaches (in the north part of the region, having dark sand), there is a vast ecological diversity and a vast landscape. Limón is a haven for artists and musicians, and stages an extremely popular carnival in all of Central America. All sorts of sports are possible in this friendly area, from turtle watching to sea kayaking.

Vacation rentals in Costa Rica can be found all over, so choose your ideal destination and then choose your ideal home! 

What about Costa Rica family vacation homes?  

If you're taking the whole family to Central America, you may be concerned about finding the right accommodations. Fortunately, Costa Rica family vacation homes are not uncommon! You can find a beautiful vacation home that features the number of bedrooms, square footage, amenities, and security, you and your loved ones need. The best Costa Rica vacation locations really depend on the vacationer, so you owe it to yourself to investigate all your options and book one of the vacation rentals in Costa Rica found here.

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