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Legend, history, and beaches are only a small piece of the island country of Cyprus. A Cyprus vacation rental can offer you a stunning view, no matter which direction it faces. Pick Cyprus rentals over hotel rooms, and you will not be sorry! 

Cyprus Beaches

Cyprus has several beaches and coastal areas of interest. The Cypriot Rivera is strikingly beautiful, and activities surround the area, such as the Municipal Gardens, and some history at Amathus, an ancient city kingdom. The Greco-Roman Theater, used today for live concerts and plays, has a view of the Mediterranean Sea. Three beaches exist in the Ammochostos region: Nissi Beach, Makronissos Beach, and Fig Tree Bay, all home to luxury resorts. Water sports and activities flourish here: swimming, snorkeling, diving, and water skiing, to name a few. Fortunately, lots of Cyprus vacation rentals feature striking ocean views!

Cyprus Vacation Spots

Pafos is an area where mythology takes on a life of its own in history and art. Petra Tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock) denotes the spot where the Greek goddess Aphrodite is believed to have risen from out of the water. View the mosaics of the Villa of the Theseus and Houses of Dionysus, Orpheus, and Aion, created between the years 200 and 400. The stone Odeon Theater, from ancient times, remains in use today as an entertainment venue. The District Archaeological Museum shows artifacts that are continually being uncovered. Enjoy the harbor area for scenic views, and fresh seafood in the cuisine. Vacation rentals in Cyprus may very well transport you back in time!

The Troodos region is surprisingly covered with dense forests of cedar and pine. Several mountain resorts are here - Troodos, Kakopetria, Platres, and Agros – and are connected to each other via hiking trails. Those who are interested in mountain biking, bird watching, and studying plant life also use these trails. Cyprus-specific flora and fauna are viewable, such as the grazing moufflon and agrino. Citrus fruits also grow in this region, and the villages in the area specialize in wines, cherries, cheeses, and rosewater. Take note of the painted Byzantine churches in the Troodos region. Cyprus vacation rentals are often as beautiful as the country's natural beauty!

Nicosia is the historic capital city of Cyprus, where the 16th-century Famagusta Gate formerly protected the city, and is now a welcome entrance. Nightlife is found around the Famagusta Gate. Laiki Geitonia is a restored area containing narrow streets alive with residences, sights of jewelry and craft shops and the scents of baking. Dining and sightseeing of traditional churches is also possible here. For art and history lovers, the Cyprus Museum’s collections span the ages from Neolithic to present day. The Cyprus Handicraft Center treats the arts in classic fashion.

Limassol is a beach-oriented town known for its festivals such as Carnival, a pre-Lenten festival, and September’s Wine Festival. The people maintain a joyous spirit that spills into the nightlife. Ten miles of coastline in Limassol is referred to as the Cypriot Rivera, with gorgeous beaches and plenty of activity. Kolossi Castle is the location of a no longer used, historic sugar factory, though it was a fortress used in medieval times.

Vacationers often get their first glimpse of Cyprus at Larnaka, a port area with sandy beaches and a promenade lined with palms. It is a popular yachting destination. Premier shopping at the boutiques of Larnaka, and then finding respite at a café is an enjoyable way to spend time. The Larnaka Medieval Museum is located at the end of the harbor promenade, inside a fort built in the 1600’s. The Church of St. Lazarus is a well-known site where Lazarus is supposedly buried underneath the main altar.

Travel to Ammochostos to find great beaches and an agricultural bent. World-class resorts by the ocean have modern amenities for vacationers to appreciate their stay. Water sports abound in this region; notable scuba diving and water skiing opportunities exist. There is freshness to the seafood in this area, with fishing boats teeming in the crescent harbor. Agia Napa is a wonderful area for shopping, dining, and dancing, along with a historic Venetian monastery from the 1500’s. Liopetri is a basket-weaving area, while Sotira has a history lesson ready with pleasant-to-the-eye village churches from centuries ago. It's pretty clear by now that history buffs will find Cyprus rentals especially appealing.

Vacation rentals in Cyprus are great for the adventurous spirit! Whether you're a first-time visitor or quite familiar with the area, Cyprus vacation rentals are a much better pick over hotels. 

Sites and tours to see

Odeon Theatre
Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock)
Baths of Aphrodite
Tombs of the Kings
Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery
Kykkos Monastery
Trooditissa Monastery
Asinou Church
Byzantine Museum
Theatre at Kourion
Limassol Castle
Larnaka District Archaeological Museum
Agia Napa Monastery