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The comfort of spas, the hordes of castles and chateaus, and religious monuments wait to be explored in the Czech Republic. Try an active vacation or a cultural/relaxation trip, but in any case, reserve a Czech Republic vacation rental with confidence. Vacation rentals in the Czech Republic are the only way to travel!

Czech Republic Places of Worship

The Czech Republic owes much of its architectural heritage to the many sacred monuments. The religious nature of the places ranges from Jewish, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic. Various wars and fires through the centuries, and also the Communist rule ravaged many monuments, but much restoration has repaired the damage and decay. Approximately 200 synagogues exist in the Czech Republic, a few of which currently offer services. The architectural styles of the synagogues vary from Gothic to Baroque and more. Make sure to visit many of these places during your stay in a Czech Republic vacation rental.

Czech Republic Vacation Spots

Karlovy Vary, in the western part of the Czech Republic, is the primary region of mineral spring spas. Historical areas include the chateau of Mostov near Cheb. Find wonderful creations of both pottery and glass, and great winter sports in the mountain area of Krusne hory. Pilsen (or Plzen) offers a great variety in landscapes, and much of the land is agricultural in nature. The tallest spire in the Czech Republic is found at the Church of Bartholomew. The third largest synagogue in Europe also resides in Plzen, home to some entertainment events as well as religious worship. Historical sites fill the region of Usti nad Labem, from a Romanesque rotunda to a monastery in Osek. The region consists of both mountain range areas and flatlands.

In Central Bohemia, silver mining dominated Kutna Hora, and Hradek and Mine Osel pays tribute with a very interesting fortress dating back to medieval times containing a “secret” silver mine. Discover the large Koneprusy cave system, and Konopiste Chateau’s architecture influence from both Renaissance and Baroque styles. In Prague is a plethora of tourist attractions for both the Czech native and international vacationer. Visit the Jewish Town, featuring six synagogues, a cemetery, and a town hall. Beautifully lush gardens sit outside of Prague Castle, with over a millennium of history, and it is still in use today as the seat for the President. Culture in Prague is best experienced live – through great theater, concert halls, infamous opera houses, and various galleries. Bars and clubs stay open late for maximum entertainment. Don't Prague vacation rentals sound like a good idea?

Ceské Budejovice is home to some of many UNESCO sites in the Czech Republic, of which the most famous is the village square of Holasovice, featuring rustic (or peasant) Baroque style farmhouses. One of the largest castle complex areas in Central Europe is in Cesky Krumlov, also with UNESCO status. The Vyssi Brod Monastery continues to hold the Cistercian Order, and shows Baroque master paintings, cultural exhibits, and has a library. Hills and mountains cover the Liberec region, and its natural formations lure visitors. Historical castles and strongholds capture much attention here. Theater appealing to much of Europe, art galleries displaying art from various eras, and music and culture await people in Hradec Kralove. This region also provides a good deal of sporting opportunities, both in the active and passive categories.

Another ripe area for outdoor activities is Pardubice, where the terrain ranges from flatter to hilly. Enjoy a full complement of water sports, hiking, biking, and wintertime activity. The music of festivals fills the air, and puppets fill a popular museum. Telc’s historic square of burgher houses showing off Renaissance gables has a UNESCO designation as a Cultural Heritage site. For a wide view, try to reach the top of the Oslednice Lookout, about 105 feet tall. Tour the UNESCO-listed Villa Tugendhat in Brno, and don’t miss out on the green landscape and leisure activities in the second largest city in the Czech Republic. Take in the culture of the Olomouc region, attracting internationally famous composers and artists of yesteryear. Breathe in the outdoors at nature preserves in Zlin, and the iodine-bromine water of the spa in Darkov, part of the Ostrava region.

So, now that you're certain you're visiting the Czech Republic; what do you do next? Consider Czech Republic vacation rentals, that's what!

Vacation rentals in the Czech Republic should not be overlooked, especially Prague vacation rentals. Explore a very unique and exciting section of Europe and come back home with stories you'll tell for the rest of your life! 

Sites and tours to see

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Town Hall in Cesky Krumlov
Hradek and Mine Osel in Kutna Hora
Stone Fountain in Kutna Hora
Oslednice Lookout in Telc
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Villa Tugendhat in Brno