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Why not reserve your premier Egypt vacation rental now? Walk, drive, or fly to Egypt to experience the sights and culture from the pharaohs to today’s Egyptian people.

Egypt Pharaohs and Religions

Egypt is awash with culture and heritage from the dynasties of thousands of years B.C. to the Greco-Roman era to Christianity and Islam. The Valley of the Kings in Luxor contains the tombs of almost all of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom, from 1549-1064 B.C. The 800-spectator Roman Theatre in Alexandria has been excavated, uncovering marble seats and mosaic designs on some of the flooring. The Coptic Museum in Cairo includes a psalter from the 300s-400s and Middle Egyptian Monastery frescoes from the 600s. The market named Khan al-Khalili in the Fatimid center offers a wide diversity of shopping opportunities and shouldn’t be missed.

Egypt Vacation Spots

Mediterranean-like Alexandria has plenty of culture to see, whether it’s contemporary or ancient. Several nationality cultural centers exist for places such as Russia, Italy, and the United States. Visit one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World here, the Lighthouse of Alexandria on the island of Pharos. Another monument of note is Pompey’s Pillar, once a part of the temple of the Serapis. Alexandria is also a resort area, January through December. In winter, see yacht races in the harbor, and all year, the casinos are open for gaming pleasure. The Luxor/Thebes area has been known to lure tourists for millennia, because of its astounding collection of well-preserved monuments. Feel the presence of the Opet Festival in the grandiose Temple of Luxor. If you are interested in learning about mummies, the Mummification Museum should satisfy your curiosity. On the West Bank of the area, the Valley of the Kings is a must-see, with many tombs, including the infamous but small Tutankhamen tomb.

Celebrate and eat hubb el Azziz (sugar-coated nuts) with the residents and vacationers in Tanta during late October, when the eight days of Moulid of Sayid Ahmed el-Badawi occurs. Visit the ruins of Bubastis just outside of Zagazig, which once was a place to worship cats. Stroll past the beautiful villas along the Nile River in El Mansura, founded in 1220 A.D. Cairo is truly a nightspot city, owing much of its appeal to after dark activities such as shopping and people watching. Enjoy a spectacular view of the Giza Pyramids, while putting and driving on the Mena House golf course; then be awed by a fabulous light and sound show at the Pyramids later in the evening. Cairo contains many Egyptian monuments in the sections of Modern Cairo, Islamic Cairo, Old Cairo, and the West Bank of the Nile.

The museum is the premier attraction in Beni Suef, containing two floors of artifacts: one has both Pharaonic and Greco-Roman artifacts, while the other displays Muslim and Coptic items. See one of the largest cemeteries in El Minya, a dual Muslim-Christian one called Zawiyyet al-Mayyiteen. In the Fayoum Oasis, note the Greek water wheels and Obelisk in Medinet El-Fayoum. In Asyut, the major ancient site is the Necropolis of Assiut, with tombs of area leaders, and today an orphanage plays an important role in the hearts of the residents of Asyut. The Necropolis of El-Hawawish in Akhmim contains the burial spots for governors from the 4th to 11th dynasties. For a good amount of Islamic touring, Qena has it, with a gigantic modern-style mosque paying homage to the Maghrebi Abd el-Rahim.

Aswan is home to the most gorgeous surroundings of the Nile River and its culture is flavored with an African Egypt style, complete with plenty of Nubian musicians and dancers. It resembles a most appealing resort during the winter. At Elephantine Island, you can catch a glimpse of pre-Dynasty artifacts, and Kitchener’s Island sports lush flora from around the globe. The Sinai region of Egypt includes Sharm El Sheikh, a well-developed vacation resort area, perfect for beach activities, diving, yachting, and shopping for everything from jewelry to pottery. The golden sand beaches and palms in the breeze of Dahab lead to the blue-green waters, great for snorkeling and diving (visit the Blue Hole). Try a restaurant or beach café in Taba.

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Sites and tours to see

Giza Pyramids
Statue of Meryetamun (Beloved of the God Amun) in Akhmim
Tutankhamen’s Tomb in Valley of the Kings, Luxor area
Lighthouse of Alexandria on Pharos Island
The Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan
Monastery of St. Simeon in Aswan
Madrasa and Mausoleum of Salih Ayyub in Islamic Cairo
Hanging Church in Roman Cairo
Nile Cruises
Temple of Luxor
Shipwrecks of the Egyptian Red Sea
Mount Sinai
Pompey’s Pillar in Alexandria