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Good things come in small packages

El Salvador is a very small country, bordered by Honduras and Guatemala and most importantly, the Pacific Ocean. The country is a gorgeous sight to see, with sprawling green hills and a few dozen volcanoes – don’t worry, they’re extinct! Its rainy season means the forests are filled with exotic wildlife and you can get more than just a glimpse of interesting animals at the many national parks.

Instead of traveling to the parts of Central America that are packed with tourists, take a trip to a more overlooked spot on the globe and enjoy a more private vacation rental getaway to the beach and/or a soul-searching journey through an endangered tropical forest, several extinct volcanoes, and intriguingly rugged cities.

El Salvador is populated with millions of people, who aren’t turned off by tourists, as many locals of other more commonly visited countries tend to be. El Salvador beach rental homes welcome you to the coast, while mountain homes offer up an entirely different charm.

El Salvador vacation spots

For those eager for outdoor recreation, El Salvador offers up lots of opportunities for hiking and surfing. The many beaches are often secluded during the off season and the country’s characteristically elevated land attracts hikers from all over. Whether you want to relax on the beach, climb up a volcano, or tour a national park, an El Salvador vacation has plenty of things for you to do.

La Libertad offers up some of the most impressive waves and will delight adventurous surfers. For those more interested in animals than the beach, see monkeys, pumas, and other unique creatures, many of which are endangered, at a national park.

Most vacationers will tell stories about their experiences with native El Salvadorians for the rest of their lives, as the country is heaping with local charm. The colonial cities, cathedrals, and other urban sights to see may impact you even more than the natural beauty of the country. No El Salvador vacation is complete without a visit its capital and cultural hub, San Salvador. Not many cities with such normal features as bars, museums, and malls, also sit at the foot of a volcano – this is what makes San Salvador so unique. Don’t forget to visit one of its many markets, too! Other cities, like Perquin, will surprise travelers by how safe and comfortable they are. Santa Ana is another popular destination, and its cuisine cannot be beat! Or perhaps you’d like to visit a city known for flower growing – Alegría!

There is an endless amount to discover in El Slavador and unlike other travel destinations, you won’t be alongside a bunch of tourists on your vacation, but instead you can soak up the dramatic character of the country and witness beautiful wildlife and fauna that may not be around for much longer. The best way to do this, however, is to stay in one of the El Salvador vacation rentals listed here.

Sites and tours to see

Lago de Coatepeque
La Libertad
Iglesia El Rosario
Montecristo Cloud Forest
St Ignatius Loyola Church
Bosque El Imposible National Park
San Jacinto Mountain
Ruins of Tazumal
San Salvador