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Cosmopolitan cities, quaint countrysides, medieval architecture, history, legend, lore, and live music! That sums up a vacation in England! So what are you waiting for? Reserve an England vacation rental right away.

England Landmarks

The landmarks of England truly capture the various flavors of England’s character, from historical to natural to royal to a bit curious. Big Ben is a world-famous clock tower located on the banks of the Thames River in London. The Lloyd’s of London building is an example of modern architecture, built in the 1980’s. Stonehenge is a world mystery as a prehistorically built circle of large upright stones. The White Cliffs of Dover stand tall to welcome those from the sea and others to Kent. Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Royal Family. William the Conqueror’s Tower of London fortress is legendary. Vacation rentals in England will transport you to the middle of all these wonderful sites to see.

England Travel Destinations

England’s North Country provides a breath of clean air with beautifully verdant national parks, lakes and majestic mountain landscapes. Newcastle upon Tyne offers a wide range of attractions, from nightlife to cultural to historical to shopping; you can’t miss the fine architecture of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. York is surprisingly both cosmopolitan and very historical, providing a great vacation. The birthplace of the Beatles, Liverpool, has The Beatles Store and Information Center. Manchester, known for its football (soccer), gleams with modern-style architecture, excellent nightlife, and plenty of culture.

The Heart of England really captures the deep essence of England, with quaint old countryside, and forward-thinking cities. The birth and history of William Shakespeare comes alive in Stratford-upon-Avon, with his homes, grave, and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Derbyshire and the Peak District is an outdoor lover’s fantasy – the rich green hills ripe for walking, climbing, or photography. Feel the legend of Robin Hood in the Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle. Enjoy the live music and sporting of Birmingham.

East England is another area of character; where else might you find cheeses rolling down the road but in Stilton, Cambridgeshire? Dive into Norwich’s medieval architecture, then stop at one of the pubs or café bars for a sip. Maybe you’re looking for a more traditional version of a resort – the beaches, shopping and entertainment of Southend-on-Sea may just be what you are seeking. Castle Hedingham is a previous market town highlighted by a 12th century castle; also of interest here is the Colne Valley Railway.

London, England vacation rentals
are definitely the most popular. After all, London is the metropolitan city lover’s ultimate destination in England. With shop after shop and store after store, you are bound to find something special, whether the latest styles or a street market is your interest. Choosing where to see live music is a hearty decision, with approximately 400 possible venues. For a historical royal view, don’t miss Kensington Palace and its Royal Collection furnishings. Trafalgar Square has a number of multicultural activities geared toward all age groups. London, England vacation rentals are a special delight and should not be overlooked!

The gardens in Southeast England are very pleasant and provide exciting landscape views. Portsmouth is a seaside area with a healthy amount of history, with Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, and a resort area known as Southsea. Explore the historic university buildings in Oxford, and stir it up youthfully with a visit to a pub or eatery. Part of Canterbury is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list, with St. Augustine’s Abbey, St. Martin’s Church, and the dramatic Norman cathedral.

The scenic Cotswold Hills shape Gloucester in Southwest England, and Gloucester sports a grand Norman cathedral featured in Harry Potter movies. The Gloucester Docks offer two museums, and antiques/specialty shopping. Bristol attracts visitors with a progressive slant; Georgian terraces, a maritime tradition, and cool nightlife awaits you. Appreciate the waters near Plymouth for a variety of water activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, and water skiing.

The Isle of Man, a protectorate, offers many outdoor activities, including sailing, scuba diving, bird watching, gliding, fishing, and go-karts. Attractions include natural habitats for flora and fauna, historic railways, and medieval castles.

Vacation in England the smart way, by booking one of the England vacation rentals found here. You will save time, money, hassle, and enjoy a quality vacation, if you do! Whether vacation rentals in England are new to you, or you've given them a try before, your private accommodations are sure to impresse you and your fellow travelers. And no England vacation rental is like any other! You certainly can't say that for a hotel room. 

So if you're gearing up for some memorable England travel, just make sure you've got somewhere cozy and beautiful to hang your hat when you arrive! 

Sites and tours to see

Isle of Man Steam Railway in Douglas
‘From Me to You’ Beatles store and Information Centre in Liverpool
Castle Keep in Newcastle upon Tyne
Bessie Surtees House in Newcastle Upon Tyne
BALTIC, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Newcastle upon Tyne
Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens in Manchester
Anne Hathaway’s Cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon
Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon
Westminster Abbey
Hedingham Castle
Canterbury Cathedral
Big Ben in Westminster