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Estonia Local Information and Area Highlights

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Estonia vacations always please; so if one is on your horizon, follow this guide and learn about your options for attractions and accommodations. Estonia can be playful, progressive, and historical…almost all at the same time. An Estonia vacation rental can help you touch it all in comfort.

Estonia History and Culture

Estonia is a country that has undergone many changes in power – from several distinct foreign rules. It is therefore quite amazing that so much of the past has been well preserved, examples of which are in the castles, manor houses, and churches. You’ll certainly appreciate the dedicated spirit of Estonia. Make sure your Estonia accommodations give you easy access to the local attractions, and the people! How else will you absorb all the country has to offer?

Estonia Vacation Spots

Have fun in the sun and sand on the beautiful West Coast of Estonia; it’s a playground for both citizen and vacationer. There’s plenty of room to play, with miles and miles of coastline, including the hundreds of islands off the coast. Parnü is both the main and largest town of the region, a well-known resort area of the Baltic Sea. People find Parnü exhilarating because it has a plethora of attractions, ranging from the grand to the eclectic. Parnü is recognized for its spas, immaculate parks, and for its international flavor. Haapsalu is another West Coast town, smaller than Parnü, and has a period feel of the 1800’s. Spas and beach areas also exist in Haapsalu, with historic visits by the Russian royal family. In the center of Haapsalu is a 13th-century castle that served once as the headquarters of a medieval diocese. Out of the hundreds of coastal islands, the two largest, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, provide respite from a busy lifestyle. The atmosphere is geared toward kicking back and being friendly, and the landscape is very Estonian: fishing villages, windmills, and cottages.

South Estonia’s terrain is in contrast to the plains area of the west – rolling hills and pine forests dominate this countryside. A variety of activities, especially for nature lovers, are promoted in the hill/forest region, such as carefree river fishing, and horseback riding. Tartu is the main city in this region, which is host to the University of Tartu, promoting contemplative thinking. This type of pondering has spread into the culture of the community, and you can find yourself in an interesting discussion over tea or beer with a local Tartuan. The old quarter of Tartu is notable, especially Estonia’s oldest church named St. John’s Church, constructed of red brick. Another virtual time travel trip is waiting in the areas of Põlva and Võru, where the Estonian Setus hold to their traditional language and culture. The architecture is wooden huts with adjoining farmyards. Their singing is reminiscent of chant, and the dress stays traditional.

North Estonia’s Narva is the easternmost city of Estonia, and since it is on the border with Russia, the area is dual cultural. A yet different landscape defines North Estonia – that of dramatic cliffs bordering the Baltic Sea coastline. Outdoor lovers will rejoice at the popular nature reserve, Lahemaa National Park, displaying wetlands, large forest areas, and uneven coasts. Here, hiking trails are numerous and splendid. Castles from medieval times and historic manor estates greet vacationers along the path between Narva and Tallinn. Narva Castle is a major attraction reminding people of both North Estonia’s rises and downfalls.

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia, an ancient city with a very storied past of takeovers from various countries: Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Czarist Russia. Today, Tallinn has kept much of this history intact to a surprising extent, and UNESCO has bestowed Tallinn with a position on the World Heritage List. Everywhere you look, there’s bound to be some history, be it from a old town, a verdant park, or the coast. Tallinn is a progressive city in terms of the services it provides. An active nightlife, festivals, and premier concerts attest to the culture in the city. Fortunately, Tallinn has not lost sight of its down-to-earth character.

Finding the right Estonia Accommodations

In order to really soak in all the wonderful Estonia vacation spots, you need to book one of the Estonia vacation rentals found here. Estonia vacations should not be wasted; do not stay in a hotel! Stay in a cozy home instead. 

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