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The old and the new, castles and cathedrals, the arts, and Oktoberfest, all point to Germany. And the Germany vacation rentals found here may be just as fun as the country itself!

Germany Cuisine and Beverage

Home to the often-copied-never-duplicated Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany certainly has its share of 5000 wonderful beers to taste, and even has the world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan. Sausage aficionados do well in Germany also, with each German region creating their own specialty sausage, such as the Thüringer Rotwurst and Berlin’s curry sausage. Thirteen regions grow German grapes for tangy and fruity wine. Who can forget about the incredible weinerschnitzel, Bavarian pretzels, black forest cake, and apple kuchen? Enjoy the culinary surprises on your Germany vacation; you won’t go hungry! Vacation homes in Germany greet you with open arms, so start exploring the unique country soon!

Germany Vacation Spots

Lübeck holds UNESCO World Heritage distinction for its merchant homes and churches made from red brick. A side trip to Travemünde brings vacationers to a resort area complete with quality beaches, a pool adventure center, and a casino. Schwerin offers wooded areas and lakes, with proud heritage and architectures, including Gothic and Baroque; Schwerin Castle sits majestically on Castile Island in Lake Schwerin. Enjoy the art and culture of Rostock and the pristine coastline of Warnermünde.

The cosmopolitan side of Hamburg doesn’t dampen its lush green and comfortable feel. A major port of Europe exists here, and the Reeperbahn and St. Pauli quarter offer hot, avant-garde nightlife for all, despite the reputation as a red-light district.

Experience the only remaining Baroque gardens in Europe at the Herrenhausen Royal Gardens in the arts-laden city of Hannover. Göttingen is a university atmosphere living among history and interesting small shops. The traditional and the contemporary are juxtaposed in Bremen, where over a millennium’s worth of heritage comes alive. A different kind of experience is found in St. Jacobus Packhaus warehouse, providing an interactive walk through Bremen’s trade history. The Saxony-Anhalt region is home to a number of UNESCO heritage sites, including Wittenberg’s Martin Luther sites.

The Havel River and an array of associated lakes border Potsdam, offset by the palaces and Baroque architecture in the center of the city. Cruises are a very pleasant method of touring the historic sites and landscape of the country. Germany’s capital, Berlin, is a blend of personalities in its twenty-three districts. The many parks give a green tint to Berlin, and canals and rivers flow through the city. Plenty of political history spanning generations sits alongside popular nightlife and the arts.

Düsseldorf’s character is located on the banks of the Rhine River, with inviting walks along its Promenade. The allure of shopping on the Königsallee boulevard, the pubs of Old Town, and plenty of arts reign. History, beer brewing,, and the arts define Cologne. Frankfurt combines a spectacular skyline with the history tales of centuries past. Its village of Bornheim lures a mixed patronage for pubs and shops. Think ahead with Leipzig, and see what improvements have been made to historic areas, such as the Hauptbanhof, a train station transformed into a major shopping destination.

Take a romantic looking castle, and surround it with a progressive city, and you have Heidelberg, with luscious Baden cuisine. Picturesque Stuttgart with a landscape of hills, vineyards, and forests, contains museums of the famed car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Nuremberg’s medieval city center hosts cobblestone squares, and Gothic churches. Crafts today are created at the Handwerkerhof. Munich is both Alpine and Mediterranean in flavor, leading to savory cuisine and the world renowned Oktoberfest.

Just make sure you stay in one of the many available vacation rentals; Germany is a lot prettier from the window view of a luxury villa!

Vacation in Germany in style and comfort  

A vacation in Germany is sure to be exciting and unpredictable. But with all the novelty, it's comforting to know the vacation homes in Germany will remind you of your own home! If you're looking for vacation rentals, Germany has plenty of them, so you're in luck! Book the right accommodations for your trip, before someone else does. 

Sites and tours to see

Buddenbrooks House in Lübeck
Schwerin Castle
Alster cruises (white Alster steamships) in Hamburg
Guided tour of Space Center Bremen
Schlosskirche Allerheiligen in Wittenburg
Belvedere on Pfingstberg Hill in Potsdam
Brandenburger Tor in Berlin
Heinrich Heine Birth House in Düsseldorf
Hauptwache in Frankfurt
Krämerbrücke (Grocer’s Bridge) in Erfurt
Old Town Hall in Leipzig
Gutenbergmuseum in Mainz
Church of Our Lady in Munich