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Planning a summer vacation in Greece, or perhaps a romantic Greece honeymoon vacation? Whatever the case, make sure your accommodations are as private, luxurious, and affordable, as possible.

More history than you can possibly take in, island after island of ultimate beauty and beaches, and the mix of cosmopolitan with village charm... only Greece can give all of this to you. And you could just be a few feet away from it with your Greece vacation rental.

Greece History

Through the millennia, Greece has been a land of history, legends, and myth. From ancient, to literary, to medieval times, Greece has influenced the world in thought and deed. Here you find the lands of Homer and Jason and the Golden Fleece. Minoan history sits alongside the first road in all of Europe. Ruins are scattered all about the country. UNESCO has even designated the island of Rhodes as a World Heritage Site. Greece is your vacation paradise if you breathe history as your passion.

Greece Vacation Spots

So now that you're sure you're going to vacation in Greece, where in Greece should you visit? Well, that depends on why you're traveling, and who you're traveling with. A family summer vacation in Greece, for instance, deserves different accommodations and a different itinerary than a Greece honeymoon vacation!

The both ancient and very cultural city of Athens offers a plethora of museums and historical sites, such as the Acropolis Hill, with three temples. For a more up-to-date touch, visit the Plaka, which is an area filled with narrow stone streets and plenty of nightlife from clubs and restaurants. Greener parts reside in Athens’s National Garden, where birds swim peacefully in ponds alongside a zoo and a few secluded cafés. Athens is also famous for its authentic Greek cuisine. Thessaloniki doesn’t hold back on its village heritage when it shows its sophistication, and there is plenty to see and do. The Arch of Galerius reveals the ancient city, excavated. Those seeking a bit of adventure can climb up the infamous White Tower, a former prison. Byzantine churches here are splendid, including the Agio Sophia and Agio Dimitrios. Entertainment is easy to find, from Greek folk music to a simple stroll around the waterfront. If Athens intrigues you, do not pass up Athens, Greece vacation rentals

As the place considered the birth location of civilization, Crete has a wealth of Minoan history to discover. Its west coast is a secluded, low access part of the island, while to the east, you can hear the sounds of beaches and entertainment. Outdoor enthusiasts will also enjoy the mountain scenery. A combination of sand, scenery, and history describes the Cyclades Islands. Mykonos breathes of luxury yachts docking not far from charming churches and whitewashed houses. Ios blends nightlife and beaches with Greek tradition, including a line of windmills in town. Naxos and Andros are fertile islands awash in citrus, olives, and vines. Delos’s character is archaeological in nature. Greek Island vacation rentals are just as diverse as the islands themselves, so you'll in for a pleasant and memorable surprise if you stay in one!

Far from a mundane place to visit, the Dodecanese Islands have a little of something for everyone. The landscape can vary from sandy beaches to volcanic craters, and the number of people varies from crowds in Rhodes, a World Heritage site, to the oft-not visited Tilos. Again, history is a constant theme, with medieval towns and Kos’s Greek and Roman ruins. Discover the Ionian Islands, with pleasant nature on land and water, architecture of interest, and infamous cypress trees and wildflowers. Corfu has the latter, along with architecture based on French and Italian influences. On Ithaki, Kioni and Frikes are villages recognized for fishing.

The North Eastern Aegean Islands are blessed with a hybrid landscape, with the very green forest and olive trees of Lesbos, to the mountains on Samos, the rocks-to-smoother transition on Ikaria, and Samothraki’s glades, to mention some. Another hybrid-landscaped area is the Saronic Gulf Islands. Aegina celebrates its history of maritime with seafood restaurants, and Spetses also has connections with the waters and with its forests. Enjoy art with countless others through the years in Hydra. Peloponnese begs vacationers to stay to fully experience the history, very non-crowded beaches, and natural wonder. Corinth’s ancient mystique and Acrocorinth’s mixed architectural structures lead to the 776 B.C. Olympic site in Olympia. Thessaly is home to lands of fertile soil, bars serving drink stronger than ouzo, mountains, and monasteries.

So many popular Greece vacation spots exist, that choosing where to settle down may be difficult. but if the choice is one of the Greece vacation rentals found here, rather than hotel rooms, you cannot lose. Whether you're interested in Athens, Greece vacation rentals, or Greek Island vacation rentals, you can find it here -- with ease! Vacation in Greece the right way, with a luxurious and affordable vacation home.

Sites and tours to see

The Acropolis in Athens, with temples:
The Parthenon
The Erechtheion
The Temple of Nike
Daphni Monastery in Athens
Lykavittos Hill in Athens
White Tower in Thessaloniki
Minoan Palace on Crete
Greek Pompeii in Santorini
Gothic Knights’ Quarter in Rhodes
The Liston row of buildings in Corfu
Fountain of Arethousa in Antipaxi
Olympic ruins in Olympia