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Sport, play, the intellectual, culture, and history all roll into the definition of what the Gulf of Mexico region has to offer. You’ll absolutely be looking for your Gulf of Mexico vacation rental as a great area of respite from all the activity.

Gulf of Mexico Ecotourism

Some wonderful examples of ecotourism exist in the Gulf of Mexico region. Enjoy the incredible scenery around Lago de Catemaco. Salto de Eyipantla is a substantially sized (at 164 feet high) waterfall. In Xalapa, the gardens have been carefully cultivated to be both ecologically interesting and an excellent place for a leisurely walk. The most important of its kind in Mexico, El Cielo Biological Reserve is a UNESCO protected nature area outside of the city of Tampico. At opposite ends of Tampico lie the lakes of Carpinteros and Chairel, perfect for both spectator and participatory activities.

Gulf of Mexico Vacation Spots

An important port city, Veracruz is definitely not all work and no play! A real flavor of the Caribbean exists here, and every day is full of festivities, all day. You can traditionally start your morning with a cup of milky coffee and end it late into the night, watching the danzón at the Main Square, or maybe checking out the dancing opportunities at several of the discotheques. Water-based activities include diving, sport fishing, and kayaking, and a special spectator water activity is visiting the El Acuario, the largest aquarium in Latin America. Veracruz’s cuisine tastes like a true blend of cultures: Indian, Spanish, and Arab, to name a few. A key piece of history is found at the Fort of San Juan de Ulúa, the size of which had been repeatedly amplified for protection, and exists as a formidable structure today.

Xalapa proudly holds its culture in so many of its aspects that it is sometimes referred to as the Athens of the state of Veracruz. You can hear the talk spilling out of bars and cafés, and the culture pervades even the gardens. Its historic center is topped with straw roofs, and encircled with long-reaching gardens. The display of excellence is embodied in Xalapa’s Symphony Orchestra, and its well-known Veracruz Cultural Institute. Most locations around the city offer a wonderful view of Citlaltepetl, a volcano with a snow-covered peak. Fans of archaeology can be satisfied by both the Museo de Antropología de Xalapa, with its notable architecture and great collection of Huastec, Totonac, and Olmec artifacts, and the actual sites of Quiahuitztlán and Filalobos. The nearby area of Jalcomulco opens up possibilities for outdoor activities like whitewater rafting and mountaineering.

Tampico City is renowned for holding international sporting events due to a great network of private clubs and an ideal location on the Gulf of Mexico. The city is granted a wealth of fish species, and therefore sportfishing draws many to the area. Various area golf courses of both 9 and 18 holes seem to be undiscovered gems, and Club Campestre Tampico is a stunning par 70 9-hole course. Diving sites in Tampico lead to coral formations, though the port can be quite busy. Don’t miss Tampico’s Historical Downtown for a real flavor of the culture. Food choices downtown include local cuisine such as barbecue tacos and Mexican sandwiches on French bread. The Cathedral of Tampico, otherwise known as the Temple of the Immaculate Conception, should be on your tour list, among many other attractions in Tampico.

Ciudad Madero, very close to Tampico, has two main attractions to enjoy: Playa Miramar and the Museum of the Huasteca Culture. Playa Miramar is a major beach in the area with fine white sand and rather easygoing waves to offer the beachgoers. Swimming distances is easily done with a nicely sloped seabed, ideal for swimming far from the shoreline. Along the shore are shade palapas, open-sided structures with thatched palm leaf roofs. At the beach’s southern edge sits Las Escolleras, a road strip 0.8 miles long, at the end of which is a great view enhanced by the entrance and departure of immensely sized ships. The Museum of the Huasteca Culture is designed in a modern architecture style, and is well-known for its vast information and artifacts, including the story of the discovery and excavation of the pyramids found at Tamuin.

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