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If you're looking to stay in vacation rentals in Honduras, you're in for a wonderfully exciting vacation experience like no other! The cultures, the grand ecosystems, the excellent beaches, and coffee…it all shouts Honduras. You can tour the country in about two weeks, which is just perfect timing to book your Honduras vacation rental.

Honduras People

Even though the flora and fauna are extremely tempting all around Honduras, the people play a major role in vacationing in Honduras. The people are from diverse cultures, and preserve their facets of culture in Honduras. The Garifuna, from African and Caribbean descent, keep their language and culture, and their villages display traditional architecture. The indigenous people include the Chorti Maya, near the Guatemalan border, Miskitos in the Honduran rainforest, and the Lenca people from the south and west in Honduras. Spanish and English speakers descend from Europe, and Chinese and Palestinian descendents are from Asia.

Honduras Vacation Spots

La Ceiba is a port city of Honduras and a place to truly play. Its beaches are very beautiful and there is a spirit of carnival in the streets, nightclubs and bars, where Caribbean sounds float in the air. The nearby Pico Bonito National Park welcomes the extensive ecotourism possibilities, with rocky slopes in a cloud forest. The Rio Cangrejal, also minutes from La Ceiba is excellent for rafting Trujillo is a community wealthy in Spanish Colonial history and heritage. A gorgeous bay is near Trujillo, and to the south are the rather hidden Cuyamel Caves to explore. The large national park Capiro and Calentura offers a great place for hiking, privacy, and great views. The nightlife is hopping with everything from the Garifuna culture music neighborhood, to right on the beach.

Get ready for the waters around Roatan and the Bay Islands, where diving, snorkeling, sailing, yachting, and sportfishing are common off of the white sand beaches. Choices in dining on Roatan are plentiful inside or in the open air. Several spas in Roatan seek to treat your senses and give you a real taste of relaxation. Even choose lush Roatan for a special event like a wedding. The Honduran jungle region, shared with Nicaragua, is known as La Moskitia, the largest untouched tropical rain forest in North America. Brus Laguna is an internationally known top-notch lagoon for snook and tarpon fishing. The ecologically significant Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve is protected by the UNESCO declaration of World Heritage Site. Culture of the area includes the Pech, Tawakah, Garifuna and Miskitos people.

The capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, has many attractions for vacationers to enjoy. Find fine restaurants and shopping experiences in the Boulevard Morazán district. The central market is a fascinating place to visit as well. Notable museums include the Museum of the Honduran Man, and the Museo Nacional Villaroy with artifacts from the Pre Colombian era through today. Santa Rosa de Copan is a small but important city, where streets continue to be of stone, and the atmosphere is pleasant. Santa Rosa has good quality restaurants for dining, which are quite affordable. For adventure seekers, you don’t have to travel far from Santa Rosa to find swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. Look to Santa Rosa as a very viable crossroads area.

San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras, and holds business and commerce as main income bases. For a different kind of shopping experience, just head over to Guamilito Market, open daily, to peruse the excellent handicrafts. Several national soccer teams are located in San Pedro Sula, and going to a game will be a memorable part of your day. Copán Ruinas is famous for its Mayan ruins, part of the Archaeological Park of Copán. Also highly worth visiting in the Park are the mysterious tunnels, the preserved forest via the Nature Trail, and the Sculpture Museum. The ecotourism and adventure possible in the Copán Valley is amazingly diversified, including thermal hot springs, caving, and “uncovering” hidden ruins.

The National Parks of Honduras are blessed with over 700 types of birds and exotic mammals such as the ocelot and mantled howler monkey. Celaque National Park has a cloud forest at the highest elevation for the country, and Cusuco National Park is visited for its vast collection of quetzals. Pico Bonito offers the most challenging climb of all in Honduras.

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It's pretty conspicuous that Honduras vacation spots are not sparse. But in order to get more than just the "gist" of them, you need Honduras vacation rentals on your side. So book your favorite today. 

Sites and tours to see

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tours to coffee plantations outside Santa Rosa de Copan
Central Park of San Pedro Sula and the main Cathedral
Coca Cola sign in San Pedro Sula
Mayan ruins of Copán
Coffee tours outside Santa Rosa de Copan
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Cuyamel Caves in Trujillo
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