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The art, the architecture, a mixed cuisine, resort lake areas, and a diverse history both secular and religious, are familiar parts of Hungary. Take advantage of all there is to see and do in Hungary with a Hungary vacation rental.

Hungary Places of Worship

Hungary is home to a very diverse mix of religious history, and historically important places of worship are found all over the country. In Esztergom is the largest Roman Catholic Cathedral in the country. The Greek Orthodox Church in Miskolc displays the largest iconostasis in Central Europe. Also in Miskolc is an 18th century Baroque-style Lutheran Church. The Great Church of Debrecen follows the Calvinist traditions from the 16th century Hungarian Reformation. In all of Europe, the largest Jewish synagogue is in Budapest. Pécs, along with Christian World Heritage status, has Muslim architecture and Turkish mosques.

Hungary Vacation Spots

Northern Hungary includes Miskolc, the third largest area of Hungary. History fills Miskolc with 18th century Baroque-style structures, its Greek Orthodox Church, and much more. The Szalajka Valley provides a beautiful route through Bükk National Park. Parádfürdõ offers a Coach Museum, detailing the history of Hungary’s well-known craft of carriage building. The Northern Great Plains region is flat grassland captured on paper by both Hungarian poets and artists. In the village areas, a standout is Szatmárcseke’s cemetery, complete with gravestones in the shape of boats. The well-cultivated parks of Nyíregyháza complement the interesting collection of buildings and spirited culture/music. Debrecen has a strong religious heritage to see.

Lake Tisza gives vacationers another great alternative for recreation. Plenty of chances exist for water sports enthusiasts, and the pools and spas offer relaxation and comfort. You’ll find Kácsa Island replete with gorgeous flora and fauna.

Your options for a Budapest vacation rental should be on the top of your radar. The capital city of Budapest is a conglomerate of three cities with their own defining elements. The ruins of Aquincum, a Roman Empire city, mark the ancient history of Óbuda. Buda is home to the excursion-filled Buda Hills, and the Castle Hill area, a UNESCO World Heritage Preservation site, where the Royal Palace sits atop the hills. Enjoy the shopping and restaurant districts in Pest. Surrounding Budapest is the area of Central Danubia, where nature, history, art, and traditional folklore come together. Dining here is an eclectic blend of cuisines from Serb, Slavic, and German roots, topped off with notable wines of the region. Szentendre is a popular vacation destination with a wealth of museums and colorful houses along narrow ways. Pills Mountain offers recreation through the year.

A real variety of attractions dot Central Transdanubia; even the food itself is a strong lure. The rather old town of Veszprém shows much church history and contains the Kálmán Kittenberger Plant and Game Park, a handsome zoo. Székesfehérvár sports structural relics from the Middle Ages, and blends the history with cultural festivals yearly. The lake of Tata presents boating and fishing opportunities. The largest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton is a very popular resort area. Both shallow and deeper waters can accommodate people of all ages. The lake has a reputation for healing with the water and the lake’s associated mud. Restaurants serve local wine.

With Western Transdanubia comes Szombathely, a treasure trove for archaeological ruins and excavations dating back to shortly after the death of Jesus Christ, and an art haven as well. At the confluence of the Rába, Rábca, and Danube lies Gyõr, with architectural styles of both Baroque and Neo-Classical.

Southern Transdanubia’s Gemenc Forest contains islands beautifully landscaped with animals, reminiscent of life before the Danube River was tamed. Here also is Pécs with a blend of Christian and Muslim influences, and Szekszárd pays tribute to Franz Liszt. Reap rewards of crafts in the Southern Great Plain, whether you seek weaving, ceramics, or gingerbread creations. Sunny Szeged features architecture in Art Nouveau and Eclectic along with more traditional styles. Museums, buildings, and apricot brandy describe Kecskemét.

So many Hungary vacation spots, and so little time! It's important that you dedicate as many days as possible to exploration of this interesting country.

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