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Geothermal land, glaciers, waterfalls, warm people, culture from village to city, and temperate climates invite vacationers to Iceland. Your Iceland vacation rental will be near to a pleasant overload of the senses.

Iceland Glacier Tours

Since glaciers cover approximately ten to twelve percent of Iceland, why not try a glacier tour? Generally, these tours are accomplished by snowmobile or jeep, but some all-terrain vehicles are used to make the tour. It is not suggested to try to tour on your own, since there exist hidden cracks within the glaciers. Many expert tour guides are available to make the most of your tour. The Vatnajökull glacier alone covers about eight percent of the country, and has active volcanoes underneath its cap. So much more breathtaking beauty is sitting in front of you at the glaciers of Iceland. If you're looking for a little adventure, then Iceland vacation rentals will do just the trick.

Iceland Vacation Spots

North Iceland is a region shaped by both glaciers and volcanic activity, and the scenery is resplendent. Lake Myvatn and the surrounding area is prime for birdwatching, and craters and hot springs just add to the varied colors of the geothermic land. Jokulsargljufur National Park contains Dettifoss and its wonder of being the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Superior whale watching opportunities exist off of Husavik in the Skjalfandi Bay. The Skagafjordur District is both known for riding horses and its historic buildings.

South Iceland is full of natural attractions, and fittingly receives the name of the Golden Circle. Gullfoss is a magnificent waterfall, and the Hvita River makes its own two-tier waterfall as it cascades. Geothermal lands surround Geysir, from which springs around the world received their name and the Strokkur geyser actively sprays every few minutes. Don’t miss the ice wonders of Vatnajökull, an immense icecap inside the Skaftafell National Park. Whether it’s the Saga Age farm in Stong, or the regional folk museum in Skogar, history also abounds in this region of Iceland.

East Iceland is a notably uninhabited area for the majority of its area, but the landscape is breathtaking. From snow-capped mountains to the coastal fjords, this area is not to be missed for hikers. Fishing villages line the coast, and black sand beaches are located at Höfn, from where whale-watching cruises depart. Egilsstadir is the largest town in the region, located inland, and has a number of vacation cottages. The population of reindeer in Iceland isn’t far away from Egilsstadir. Seydisfjordur has period houses from around the turn of the 20th century.

West Iceland is replete with lava formations, wooded areas, and waterfalls. Fishing in both the lakes and rivers is quite appealing, and the glacial cap of Snaefellsjokull is a beautifully shimmering formation. The West Fjords provide a truly striking contrast between the high cliffs and sea. Central Highlands is uninhabited by humans, and nature is most virgin - a combination of glaciers, active and inactive volcanoes, hot springs, and pockets of vegetation. You can take a dip in the warm waters of Viti (translated as Hell) or travel in a weighty 4-wheel drive vehicle over the black sands of Sprengisandur.

Reykjavik is a very progressive city and capital located in Southwest Iceland. If you are looking for energy-filled nightlife, look no further; you may be spending all night at a club. The music culture in Reykjavik widely ranges from classical and chamber music to independent rock. Arbaer Museum provides life to history in folk traditions, and has buildings and period pieces on display. Relax in a number of thermal pools, take in a round or two of golf, and get around this ultra-clean city using a bicycle. Akureyri is the second-largest city in Iceland, and it boasts about having the best skiing area in the country, along with other winter sports available such as snowboarding and skating. A strong cultural life also characterizes Akureyri, with plenty of theaters and art museums. A vast array of floral life is at the Botanical Garden, and Akureyri hosts the northernmost golf tournament each June.

Vacation Rentals in Iceland, and your Iceland Vacation

After learning about all the cool Iceland vacation spots, you're probably ready to explore! But unless you've booked one of the Iceland vacation rentals out there, you're denying yourself a great vacation. Vacation rentals in Iceland are a refreshing world away from their small, bland, hotel counterparts! 

Sites and tours to see

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Dettifoss in north Iceland
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