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Whether you are seeking high levels of activity, great beaches, archaeology, or a place to pray, Israel has it! The reverent, history-seeking and sports-minded vacationers all need some level of rest in an Israel vacation rental.

Israel Religious Vacations

Though there is plenty of natural beauty, and sports of all kinds to entertain the outdoor lovers, there is an abundance of religious history to explore in Israel. The Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem is extremely important to the Jewish community, and many pray in front of the wall. Elijah’s Cave in Haifa holds significance for Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people. Many events in the Bible took place at locations in Israel where you can stand at or be inside of them. The Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is considered the third holiest site in the world for Islam. You’re sure to find a vacation’s worth of touring for each religious belief. Jerusalem vacation rentals will help change just about any vacationer.

Israel Vacation Spots

The lively alleys, streets, and walls of Akko draw vacationers to incredible looks at sights such as Galilee and Mount Carmel. Its subterranean area was dug up by archaeologists in the 1950’s, and you can enjoy the theater sounds at an ancient hall excavated from sand. Visit the over 4,000 year old remains of the well of Abraham in Tel Sheva, just outside of Beersheba. In Beersheba, perhaps you’d like to vie for a camel or something else with other tourists at the weekly market. A British war cemetery from the early 1900’s is open.

Bet Shean, in its former life over a millennium ago, was a sophisticated city filled with entertainment complexes and temples. Today, a multitude of excavations have revealed many pieces, including floors of mosaic design, columns, and houses. Take a look at Caesarea, an ancient city highly appealing to vacationers and high living; where else could you expect the 18-hole golf course in Israel to be? Stroll along Caesarea’s beaches; stop for a bite in a great restaurant, and stare at the Roman theater.

Eilat lies along the coast of the Red Sea, and is a resort town to the max – with a smorgasbord of rappelling, tennis, volleyball, mountain biking, and water sports: boating, swimming, water-skiing, kayaking, and snorkeling to see the great reefs. Sun rules here! Haifa contains artifacts from the Stone Age to the Ottoman time period, and serves as the major port of Israel. The Mt. Carmel area of Haifa comes alive with culture and entertainment. You can also see centers of some religious minority groups in Haifa.

From January through December, Herzilya is ideal for beach lovers and boaters – the Herzilya Marina has room for 800 vessels. Don’t go to bed early in Herzilya- you’ll miss the bustling nightlife, complete with movie theaters, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Jerusalem, the must-see capital of Israel, is divided into four quarters based on religious belief – Jewish, Christian, Armenian, and Muslim. There is something special for each of the believing groups, from the Shrine of the Book, and its Dead Sea Scrolls, Yad Vashem and its history of the Holocaust, to the Islamic Museum with arts and tools. Jerusalem contains plenty of other attractions in its active nightlife, abundance of history, and even a Biblical Zoo filled with animals without bars. You’ll keep busy in this city.

The mountain of Masada needed to be excavated in order for its tourist industry to boom. At Masada’s base, a beautiful visitor’s center sits attractively, and to ascend the mountain, cable cars carry vacationers in the thousands. Peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims is found in Nazareth, and its history in Christianity draws pilgrims from around the world. Nazareth sits on a hillside, dotted by snow churches and pretty red roofs. Find the 1st century ruins at the Church of St. Joseph’s Carpentry.

A promenade provides for an excellent view of the resort town of Netanya. Netanya is blessed with gorgeous white sand beaches, and offers many outdoor/indoor activities without charge. Practice sports of all types in Netanya, then go to the countryside to relax in an agricultural setting. Tel-Aviv blends its business, culture, entertainment, and resort characteristics quite well. The shopping is high-class, and the beaches gold sand. Take a glance or two at the largest collection of Bauhaus architecture worldwide.

Tiberias is well known for its recreation and mineral hot springs/spa facilities. Lake Tiberias, also referred to as the Sea of Galilee, holds great history and water sport opportunities. Near the lake is of strong interest to hikers and cavers.

Whether it's Tel Aviv or Jerusalem vacation rentals that intrigue you the most, Israel vacation rentals are the best pick for your Western Asia experience. While an Israel vacation rental isn't terribly well-known, it is a lot more natural and affordable than the alternative. 

Sites and tours to see

Old City in Jerusalem
Western Wall in Jerusalem
Bronze Menorah outside parliament in Jerusalem
Bahai Gardens in Haifa
Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem
Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth
Ruins at Church of St. Joseph’s Carpentry in Nazareth
Tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem
Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem
Ein Gedi Nature Reserve near Dead Sea
Elijah’s Cave in Haifa
Wadi Qelt (Herod’s winter palace) outside Jericho
Archaeological remains in Jaffa