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The art! The architecture! The fashion! The food! The generous people of Italy welcome vacationers with open arms, so you will feel extra cozy in an Italy vacation rental, even after an exhausting day of seeing site after site.

Italian Art and Cuisine

Art in Italy takes on several meanings. It can be paintings such as “The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci, or a few eras of architecture. Wearable art can be found in the fashion houses of Milan. Art for the ears is found in classical Italian composers, regional folk music, opera, and more contemporary sounds. Whatever the definition, you won’t want to escape art in Italy; you can’t. Cuisine found in Italy is its own art form. The wines produced here are world-renowned, and the fresh citrus from Sicily grows to very large sizes. Naples is considered to be the modern-day birthplace of pizza. Italy’s places to eat range from fine dining at a trattoria to a quick panineria. An Italian vacation rental will transport you to a truly gorgeous and colorful world you've likely never experienced before!

Italy Vacation Spots

The Aosta Valley contains the most mountains in all of Italy, and skiers will also be attracted to the pine forests and National Park. The Piedmont Region is filled with lakes, and is home to more of the Alps. Turin progresses with plenty of activity and nightlife. Lombardy is the birth area of Romanesque architecture. In it, Milan draws serious fashion and automobile fans to its cultured city. Discover the multicultural-influenced art in mountainous Trentino, and visit the calcareous Dolomites and majestic castles in Alto Adige. Gondolas in Venice will greet you and transport you. Find maritime heritage with the Venice Naval History Museum, or immerse yourself in the gorgeous Piazza of San Marco. Traveling by the Bridge of Sighs shouldn’t subject you to the same fate as 17th century prisoners. Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a flat region in Italy, whose Carso area is of geological interest with its formations and grottoes. Fortunately, we have several vacation rentals in Venice, Italy available!

Think of beauty in Liguria, where the resort village of Portofino calls vacationers from around the world. Genoa has a large historic city center, with a prominent lighthouse known as the Laterna dominating its harbor. View a Paganini violin here. Emilia-Romagna contains the regional capital of Bologna, a city ripe with history, including the oldest university in Europe. The many churches and museums in Bologna are well worth your time. Dante Aligheri’s tomb is located in Ravenna. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in the Tuscany region. Florence takes its place as the capital of Tuscany, with well-maintained architecture, and art such as displayed by the Uffizi Gallery is the world’s finest. The landscape of Umbria tends toward mountains and hills with wooded and water areas. Remnants of the Etruscan civilization are in several areas. The Marches region especially showcases the coastline of Fano and the gorges of Urbino, Pesaro, and Furlo. If you're looking for a great Italy vacation rental, Tuscany is a good destination to consider!

Rome provides travelers with its rich combination of history, art, and architecture, including the well-preserved Pantheon. Vatican City, the pulse of Roman Catholicism, is where you can meet the current Pope, and tour the fabulous St. Peter’s Basilica. Another mountainous and hilly region is Abruzzo, with a rugged coastline and showing a bent for sculpture and goldsmith craft. Mount Vesuvius looms in Campania, where Naples is the capital city. Naples is characterized by its bay and crowded streets brimming with restaurants, café’s and bars. Plenty of history exists in the Duomo cathedral and Castel Sant’Elmo. A number of waterways exist in Molise, and the crypt of San Lorenzo in San Vincenzo al Volturno provides Molise with frescoes that have made their mark in Italian art.

The coastline of Puglia from Santa Maria di Leuca to Brindisi is worth visiting, as well as the Archaeologic Museum in Bari. Two coastlines, albeit a miniscule one on the Tyrrhenian Sea with the well-known Maratea resort, define part of Basilicata. Calabria has splendid artistic remnants from ages past, and coastlines of natural splendor; visit the lakes in the Sila District. On the island of Sicily, Mt. Etna is the tallest active volcano on the continent. Sicily provides coastline after coastline of sheer beauty. Sicily shows its Hellenic influence in architecture from its Greek colony heritage. Sardinia’s coastlines switch between rugged and fine sand, and offer breathtaking views.

Cheap Italy Vacation Rentals 

A vacation in Italy can feel overwhelming at first. How can you ever get to know Italy in just one vacation? Well, vacation rentals in Italy, is how! That's because you can visit the country for a long period of time, without breaking your piggy bank. An Italy rental vacation home can also accommodate a lot of people, while you'd have to book a bunch of hotel rooms to do that. This means you can travel with your family and friends and not go over budget! Cheap Italy vacation rentals -- not overpriced hotels -- are the way to go! 

There's very little time to lose... your Italian vacation rental could be unavailable tomorrow, so inquire about it today! Vacation rentals in Italy will not disappoint, so there's no reason to hesitate as you inquire about your favorite properties. 

Sites and tours to see

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Pantheon in Rome
The Colosseum
Trevi Fountain in Rome
Piazza della Signoria in Florence
Preseus with head of Medusa statue in Florence
Uffizi Gallery in Florence
Grand Canal in Venice
Bridge of Sighs in Venice
Palazzo Palagonia on Sicily
Duomo Cathedral in Milan
“The Last Supper” painting at the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan

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