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Vacation rentals in Italy are so much more inviting, exciting and if necessary – romantic – than Italy hotels. If you’re looking for unique accommodations to ensure a unique European vacation, then you’re smarter than the rest and you’ve come to the right place. Fortunately, in Calabria, the Southern tip of Italy, you can find more than a few properties to stay in. Vacation rentals in Italy have all the charm and beauty and none of the crowds of tourists and forgettable scenery of Italy hotels. If you’re considering renting a property in Gioia Tauro, Reggio Calabria, or Soverato vacation rentals, what special sights to see can you look forward to? La Sila Mountain is not only a beautiful sight, but it is also the location of a national park! There’s also the gorgeous Lake Arvo, which flows through the region. Calabria is a mountainous area that features many ancient ruins, from bridges to theaters. Museums that will teach you about colonies, which were last active thousands of years ago, include the Museo Interdiocesano and the Civic Museum. So check out the Italian villas in Gioia Taura or Soverto, or anywhere in Calabria, for a vacation you'll not forget soon!

Sights and tours to see:

La Sila Mountain
Lake Arvo
Museo Interdiocesano
Civic Musum