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Campania, Italy Local Information and Area Highlights

Campania, Italy vacation rentals

Looking for Campania vacation rentals? If so, you must love the ocean! Indeed, this Southern region of Italy is known for its amazing coastline, which stretches along valleys, plains, and mountains. And with its capital of Naples, it’s no wonder Campania is such a popular destination in Italy. But if you do rent one of the Campania vacation rentals available, what kinds of attractions should you include in your itinerary? From beautiful beaches to ancient amphitheaters, vacation rentals in Italy (Campania specifically) will introduce vacationers to striking scenery that is both natural and man made. For the first part of the day, you can take a step back in time by visiting the National Museum, and the second part of the day, you can take step into the ocean off the Amalfi coast. So for both the beach and a rich history lesson, check out the vacation rentals in Italy in Campania. Some options include Positano vacation rentals and Amalfi vacation rentals.

A great Campania, Italy vacation rental is not hard to come by!

Sights and tours to see:

Amalfi coast
National Museum
Imperial Villa Jovis of Capri
Ancient Pompeii
Ancient Herculaneum