Vacation Rentals in Lazio, Italy

Lazio, Italy Local Information and Area Highlights

If you’re interested in Lazio vacation rentals, then chances are you’re looking to book one of the many Rome vacation rentals. That’s because of all the cities in Lazio, Rome is the most well-known – and the same can be said for all of Italy as well! Lazio vacation rentals are special because depending on which you stay in, you could experience wildly different views. The landscape in the region is gorgeously varied. For those who love art, culture, and history, it doesn’t get much better than Rome. If you stay in one of the Rome vacation rentals listed here, be prepared to fill your schedule with tours of some of the world’s most awe-inspiring museums and historical sites. They include the Musei Capitolini, Museo Nazionale, Roman Forum, Roman Colosseum, the Pantheon, St. Peter’s Cathedral, and much, much more. The list of things to see and do in Italy is seemingly never-ending.

Sights and tours to see:

Roman Coliseum
St. Peter’s Cathedral
Musei Capitolini
Museo Nazionale
The Vatican