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Like much of Italy, Liguria features rolling hills and a gorgeous view of the ocean. Whether you’re interested in visiting the west, Riviera di Ponente, or the east, Riviera di Levante, a trip to Liguria ensures you will see everything that makes Italy so wonderful. Ancient ruins, striking architecture, medieval castles, the beach – it’s all waiting for you in Liguria. This is exactly the reason you should look into renting vacation rentals in Italy. For the most memorable vacation possible, vacation rentals in Italy are a much better pick than Italy hotels. Fortunately there are more than a handful of Liguria vacation rentals, and if you stay in one, look forward to attractions like the Gallery of Palazzo Bianco, the Museum of Oriental Art, the Naval Museum, and natural cites like Punta Chiappa and Le Cinque Terre. As you search for Liguria vacation rentals, consider those in San Remo and La Spezia.

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Sights and tours to see

Riviera di Ponente
Riviera di Levante
Punta Chiappa
Le Cinque Terre
Gallery of Palazzo Bianco
Museum of Oriental Art
Naval Museum