Vacation Rentals in Umbria, Italy

Umbria, Italy Local Information and Area Highlights

If you’re intrigued by vacation rentals in Italy and you also happen to love nature, then Umbria vacation rentals are a great bet! Mountains, woods, river valleys, and of course, art, history, and culture galore will greet you if you rent one of the Umbria vacation rentals found here. Some of the must-see natural and manmade attractions include the Marmore Falls, Basilica di San Francesco, San Severo Chapel, and the Ipogeo del Volumni. So for the nature lovers out there, vacation rentals in Italy – specifically Umbria – should definitely be considered. Luckily, you have lots of choices! Consider a villa in Spoleto or perhaps a home in Todi!

Sights and tours to see

Marmore Falls
Basilica di San Francesco
San Severo Chapel
Ipogeo del Volumni