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What can keep you busy on a vacation in Japan? The temples and shrines…the intricate gardens…the stately castles…the shopping and entertainment…and so much more. Get your hakama or kimono on, and enjoy the best of Japanese culture in your Japan vacation rental.

Japanese Gardens

To the Japanese people, gardens mix beautiful nature with ceremony, spirituality, and landscaping. Chaniwa gardens cater to the tea ceremony, complete with a teahouse and stone basin where guests can clean or purify themselves. Zen Buddhism plays a strong role in the development of Karesansui gardens; these gardens use sand, stone, and at times moss. Tsukiyama gardens recreate a renowned landscape area of either Japan or China in miniature; some of the gardens are large enough to warrant a ornamentally circular path. Kenrokuen Garden, formerly the outer garden of Kanazawa Castle, is a highly regarded landscape garden. You’ll find plenty of verdant areas in Japan!

Best Vacation Sites in Japan

The northernmost island of Hokkaido sports gorgeous nature and beckons a wealth of outdoor lovers to its pristine natural beauty. See the symbolic clock tower in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, and visit the small museum contained within. Sapporo is famous in Japan for its beer, and a tour to the Sapporo Beer Museum and garden can be a fun way to experience beer making in Japan. Don’t miss the Historic Village of Hokkaido, an open-air museum with three villages and a town, featuring buildings from the Meiji and Taisho periods.

Kanto includes the grand capital city of Tokyo, with its myriad of vacation interest possibilities. You owe it to yourself to check out the available Tokyo vacation rentals! For shopping, try Shinjuku Station’s offerings, along with seeing the skyscraper district, the quite trendy and youthful-oriented district of Shibuya, or the infamous Ginza distict, generally catering to the older and wealthy sort (the $10 cup of coffee experience awaits!). Vacationers also like to visit the various temples and shrines, and the Imperial Palace, open to the public on two days of the year only. Experience a taste of Tokyo cuisine via the Tsukiji Fish Market, where the liveliness of buying, selling, and busy scooters and trucks all come together in one of the globe’s largest markets of its kind. Tokyo vacation rentals are definitely the easiest to come by!

Also in Kanto, Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan, and the forward-looking Minato Mirai 21 city center stands out prominently with the 971-foot tall Landmark Tower, while the port of Yokohama led to the development of the largest Chinatown in Japan there. The major tourist town of Kamakura is beautifully littered with temples, shrines, and the Great Buddha statue. The religious center of Nikko appeals to both Shinto and Buddhist worshippers, and displays colorful fall foliage.

The region of Chubu contains Nagoya, Japan’s fourth largest city and the home of the world-famous car manufacturer, Toyota. Vacationers can take a factory tour and visit both the Toyota Techno Museum and the international cars at the Toyota Automobile Museum. Another primary attraction in Chubu is the majestic peak of Mount Fuji, an impeccably shaped volcano that has experienced several centuries of dormancy. Ride a train to view it, or climb it during July and August, and hope for a clear view day.

The well-preserved and reconstructed history of Japan’s former capital, Kyoto, leads vacationers to structures such as the Kyoto Imperial Palace (the emperor’s residence until 1868) and Kinkakuji (a Zen temple made with gold leaf covering), and the garden/villa completed in 1645, called Katsura Rikyu. The large city of Osaka is economically strong, evidenced by the Minami shopping and brilliantly colored entertainment district. Nara, the first permanent capital of Japan, contains the UNESCO World Heritage site of the temple named Horiyuji.

World War II history makes famous the city of Hiroshima; a peace park and memorial commemorate the atomic bomb and its negative effects. Nearby is the eye-catching island of Miyajima, where the notable torii (gate) accompanies Itsukushima Shrine in the ocean at high tide.

Kyushu’s largest city is Fukuoka with its well-known open-air food stands open at night.

The Okinawa Islands offer both history, with several castles and war memorials on the main island, and diving and snorkeling opportunities around the smaller islands.

So it's hard to determine which are the best of the best vacation sites in Japan, but that's why you need to spend as much time in this beautiful county as possible! But money is always an obstancle. How can you absorb Asia on a budget? With Japan vacation rentals!

Vacation Rentals in Japan mean affordability! You only have to reserve one property to accommodate families and groups. As for hotel rooms, you'd have to make a bunch of reservations, and that's costly! Vacation rentals in Japan offer the luxuries, amenities, and square footage you need, but not for prices you can't afford. That translates to you visiting Japan for a lot longer, and going home with amazing stories to tell! 

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