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There are a wide variety of things to see and do in Kenya. But after you've decided which vacation spots in Kenya you want to visit, make sure to book a Kenya vacation rental for your stay.

Wildlife, wilderness, coast, mountains, lakes, forests, and city life all wait for you in Kenya. Look up and find a Kenya vacation rental in a tree, or look down in the lowlands for a Kenya vacation rental.

Kenya Wildlife

Everywhere you turn in Kenya, there seems to be some sort of the broad diversity of wildlife around. The forests host such fauna like monkeys, rhinos, and butterflies. A desert camel is a common sight, while herds of elephants inhabit the wilderness of Marasabit National Park. Find the Roan and Sable antelopes in the highlands of Shimba Hills, where giraffes roam as well. Explore the coral reefs of the coastal area, and encounter a wealth of fish, dolphins, and sea turtles; the nearby forests are ideal for birdwatching and seeing the baboons. The pink flamingo isn’t just in the gift shops; find many prominently in the lake regions.

Vacation Spots in Kenya

The large capital city of Nairobi is safari adventures rolled up with a modern city. Nairobi has premier music, a real international flavor to its dining offerings, and great shopping discoveries. Visit this 24-hour vacation destination. The island of Mombasa is a port area with a wealth of historical significance. You can still smell the spices in the air around the Arab architecture of the old town, and Fort Jesus recounts the struggle between the Portuguese and the Arabs. The modern city of Mombasa is a diverse blend of culture and religion.

White sandy beaches define the coastline of Kenya, and the brilliantly colored coral reef and underwater life attract many. History lies on this Kenyan coast, with both Arab and Portuguese forts and Swahili ruins, reminders of the Arab Spice Trade route. The resorts around Diani Beach are well accommodated with amenities, while Tiwi Beach is more of a South Coast getaway. Kilifi Creek on the North Coast is a much-sought yachting destination, and enjoy wreck diving with the MV Dania.

Northern Kenya is home to a combination of desert and semi-desert terrain, where nomadic tribes make their home alongside the cliffs and thorn scrub found in the region. Maralal is a town on the edge of this wilderness, filled with camels, traders, and the Samburu population. Adventures abound beyond the town, where plains turn into hills and then host the higher country. Marsabit is a highland forest oasis of lush greens with a daily natural watering, and a commercial center drawing many tribes and cultures.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to stay in a treetop lodge in a Kenyan forest? It’s possible. Getting close to the wonderful flora and fauna brings a real sense of adventure to the soul. Watch the colorful butterflies float in the air at Arabuko Sokoke, or marvel at the huge trees and thick wet undergrowth in the equatorial rainforest of Kakamega. Fall asleep or wake up to the night sounds of the leopards and hyrax in the Aberdares forest, and enjoy the nocturnal view of game from high above.

Vacationing near the lakes of Kenya’s portion of the Great Rift Valley should be a real treat. The gigantic Lake Victoria, source of the Nile River, lures those seeking the excitement of fishing and the outstanding game fish named the Nile perch. Lake Nakuru is a soda lake with a very well known reputation for its many flamingos, and its national park with the black and white rhino. The geothermal pools and geysers surrounding Lake Bogoria are seemingly tempered by the fresh water springs nearby.

The Mountainous areas of Kenya offer great experiences from a high altitude. Mt. Kenya stands tall as the second highest peak in all of Africa, and provides a number of climbing difficulty levels, exposing the climbers to sensational views of flora, wildlife, and equatorial snow. The dormant volcano of Mt. Longonot has an immense crater and you can peer at the lava canyons and magnificent fissures; amazingly enough, along the slopes of this mountain live herds of animals grazing on the vegetation.

Wilderness can be considered synonymous with the name of Kenya; world-famous wilderness areas lead to that determination. Meru, relatively untouched, is replete with tall grasses and thick forests: an inspiring place for game watching and birding. The most famous and best game reserve in all of Africa, Maasai Mara is home to the Great Wildebeest Migration, with countless animals making the trek through the Mara River. Tsavo East and West are so large that you can experience them in solitude.

With so many vacation spots in Kenya to choose from, it's important that you explore Kenya for as long as possible. Kenya vacation trips should not be wasted, or taken lightly! 

While you may have never considered Kenya vacation rentals, now is the time to do just that. If you're hoping to experience something adventurous and completely new to you, Kenya vacation trips are designed with you in mind. 

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