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The culture, the archaeology, the art, the nightlife, the natively grown foods, the spas, and so much history only touch on what is the spirit of Macedonia. Your Macedonia vacation rental has to be restful, since your days and nights will be so full of adventure!

Macedonia Places of Worship

Macedonia has been known throughout the ages as an important location of religion and worship. Taticev Kamen is both a religious ritual site and astronomical observatory dating back to approximately 2000 B.C. Ohrid is very famous for its churches – 365 in the Byzantine era, and today St. Sophia stands out as a cathedral and location of a summer festival. Many of the churches in Macedonia contain great artifacts, icons, and paintings that can be admired by all. Mosques showing the importance of beauty in the Ottoman Empire are especially seen in Skopje and Tetovo.

Macedonia Vacation Spots

The capital city of Macedonia, Skopje, holds remnants of its long and storied heritage while staring directly forward into modernity and the bright future. 1963 brought on a disastrous earthquake, causing Skopje to take on a more contemporary look. Shopping can result in buyers paying lower prices than more Western counterparts. There is a wealth of entertainment opportunities in Skopje, from taking chances at a casino to finding Macedonian spirit in a nightclub, café or bar, to appreciating the notable cinematography of the country. You can find yourself diving into both international and local cuisine, which ranges from traditional stuffed peppers and chicken dishes to burek, a delicious pastry filled with feta cheese.

Bitola is considered to be another major city of Macedonia, where culture has passed down through the generations in more than five hundred traditional songs, and its many cafes along the Sirok Solak. Once a primary trading center of the Ottoman Empire, Bitola is very economically agricultural while sporting all of the amenities of a sizable city. Another trading city in northern Macedonia is the city of Kumanovo, containing a mix of Serbian and Macedonian cultures, whose playful nature is exhibited in the over one thousand year old winter festivity of masked revelry when the dzamalari appear. Near Kumanovo is the church of Staro Nagorichane with its masterfully painted frescoes inside.

The UNESCO-designated town and lake of Ohrid also is a prominent part of the definition of Macedonia, with a rich history and an wealth of archaeological treasure. A number of churches attest to the culture with their icons, manuscripts, and frescoes such as St. Sophia’s, St. Clement’s, (the patron of Ohrid) and St. John the Baptist. The temperately Mediterranean climate in the area allows for superior vegetables offered in the markets, including the beloved red pepper, and restaurants serve a delicacy using trout only native to Ohrid waters. Freshwater Lake Ohrid sports fascinating fossils from ancient flora and fauna, and is a geological treasure due to its relative continuity over time. Each summer, an international swimming marathon is held in the lake.

If you are looking for sun and outdoor activity, try a taste of Gevgelija in the southeast part of Macedonia. Gevgelija’s healing waters are notable, especially at the tourist destinations of the Negorci mineral spa and nearby Smrdliva Voda, a resort on Kozuf Mountain. For those who enjoy hunting big game, Malisin is an approximately 1.2 square mile ground set aside for such purpose, where deer and boar are catches. The whole Gevgelija region provides ecological diversity both in its terrain and flora and fauna. Culture here includes a traditional dance troupe, and a vibrant music school. Archaeology has drawn international interest with artifacts displaying the royal house of Macedonia’s seal.

Other cities and towns in Macedonia hold interest for tourism. Western Debar has a notable health spa with a great combination of chemicals and slight radioactivity in the waters. Tetovo, in the northwest, shows its blend of Christian, Islamic, and Oriental the architecture and landmarks. Stip is the largest town in the east of Macedonia, and is known for its fashion and textile industries. The capital of the southeast, Strumica, is visited for its notable nightlife, and nearby hiking opportunities.

Vacation rentals in Macedonia are a unique idea for travelers everywhere; and they will ensure that you have the most memorable vacation possible. If you've never considered Macedonia vacation rentals before, that's okay! Just review your options for vacation rentals in Macedonia and take your pick. 

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