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Windmills, tulips, dams, progressive cities, lush landscapes, and a huge man-made lake…where else could you be than in the Netherlands? You’d probably get lost in the wonder if it weren’t that your Netherlands vacation rental was there as well. From Amsterdam vacation rentals to other great European vacation homes, you can find it right here.

Netherlands Flowers

The Netherlands will probably be forever known for the tulip flower. However, many other flowers are found in abundance here, such as hyacinths and daffodils. The Netherlands even set up specific routes for touring, known as bulb routes. A number of flower parades provide a ton of color from April through September. Often, flower auctions are open for visitors, where billions of flowers annually are purchased. The Keukenhof Garden is first-class, premier “eye candy” for those who live for bright colors. For tropical flowers, don’t miss the botanical gardens found all over the country from north to south.

Netherlands Vacation Spots

The northern part of the Netherlands is divided into three provinces: Friesland, Groningen, and Drenthe, of which much of the land is sparsely populated, and the agriculture industry is abundant. Friesland’s varied bodies of water such as canals and scenic lakes attract those hungry for water sports, and try mud walking between the Frisian Islands and the mainland. Groningen is famous for its university and the uniquely styled housing of a modern art/porcelain museum. Visit the large boulders from ice glaciers in Drenthe.

The Wadden Islands, bordering the Wadden Sea and the North Sea, have a proud tradition as islands with a year-round resort feel. The largest island of Texel offers villages and an abundance of natural areas and wooded lands. The rather tranquil island of Vlieland has an array of dunes, marshes, and woods perfect for walking and cycling. Terschelling has lengthy beach areas to enjoy. Rare flora and a vast collection of fauna lure vacationers to Ameland. Schiermonnikoog is a very relaxing getaway with lively summers.

Two provinces comprise the eastern part of the Netherlands: Gelderland and Overijssel. Overijssel touches the man-made lake of IJsselmeer and is ripe with historic towns, castles and manor houses. Gelderland is home to Arnhem, a key area in World War II, and the location of the grand national park named “De Hoge Veluwe.”

Old and new sit nearby in Central Netherlands, where both the provinces of Utrecht and Flevoland are. Flevoland was formerly part of the IJsselmeer, and became a province in 1986. Utrecht sports a fascinating history dating back to the Roman era.

Amsterdam vacation rentals are the cream of the crop. Amsterdam has all of the amenities of a large metropolitan capital city. Find an artistic treasure from an acclaimed variety of Dutch designers, or marvel at the renowned collections of contemporary/modern art around the city. Art leads into architecture in Amsterdam, with plenty of avant-garde structures at which to gaze. Why not try wearable art, the fashion available in the progressive streets? Then, you can probably sport your new fashion statement somewhere in the hot nightlife available.

Rotterdam is the largest port in the world and has truly captured the complete essence of modern city existence. Here you can view the cube house manner of living by visiting the Show Cube. Rotterdam’s multicultural bent produces a wide variety of dining options. The Hague introduces vacationers to the seat of Netherlands government via Parliament Chambers and more. A myriad of excellent art and architecture dwells within, and resort areas near the sea are quite alluring.

The southern region of the Netherlands includes the Zeeland sea activities to history in Maastricht. Zeeland is filled with water sport activities like yachting and surfing, and the city of Middelburg is teeming with monuments. The Noord-Brabant province has a wide selection of landscapes to appreciate, ‘s-Hertogenbosch’s St. Jan’s Cathedral from the 13th century, and the award winning Efteling amusement park. Maastricht’s history goes back to Roman beginnings, and there is no lack of grottos, caves, and basilicas to explore.

Feeling overwhelmed by all these enticing Netherlands vacation spots? Then turn to Netherlands vacation rentals! Amsterdam rentals, and more, await you. 

Sites and tours to see

Frisian Museum in Leeuwarden
Groninger Museum in Groningen
Noorder Dierenpark Zoo in Emmen
EcoMare Seal Rehabilitation Center on Texel
Brandaris Lighthouse on Terschelling
De Hoge Veluwe
Hubertus House in Amsterdam
Rembrant Tower in Amsterdam
The Mills at Kinderdijk (windmill landscape)
Keukenhof Gardens
Show Cube in Rotterdam
Parliament in the Hague
Neeltje Jans at Burgh-Haamstede