Vacation Rentals in New Brunswick

New Brunswick Local Information and Area Highlights

A New Brunswick vacation will inspire you, and a New Brunswick rental home will ensure that you stay inspired for as long and as comfortably as possible, without going over budget! Find an amazing New Brunswick accommodation to match your amazing experience in Canada, today.

New Brunswick is a place of natural and cultural wonder. The majestic Appalachian Mountains, serene Chaleur Bay, and the unbelievably high tides of the Bay of Fundy, paritally make up the natural wonderland that is New Brunswick. Your New Brunswick cottage may be mountainside or bay front, but there’s no doubt it will sport breathtaking views. Kayak on mountain lakes or on the highest tides in the world (the Bay of Fundy is jokingly called the world’s largest bathtub). Stroll along the shores of Chaleur Bay and meet the friendly local artists and musicians.

A “To Do” list for your New Brunswick vacation may include a trip to a zoo, aquarium, museum, farmers market, winery, live theater performance, art gallery, or lighthouse! New Brunswick lodging can accommodate guests  for weekend and weeklong getaways, and considering all there is to see and do, you’ll want to stay more than a few days. Many visitors come to New Brunswick for months at a time, and it’s never surprising when they decide to move here permanently! But you don’t have to move to New Brunswick to absorb its vibrant culture and scenic natural surroundings; New Brunswick rentals are your ticket to an unforgettable traveling experience.

There are many vacation homes and cottages for rent; New Brunswick residents are very hospitable and welcome tourists with open arms. So browse through the incredible New Brunswick vacation rentals, including some in the Bay of Fundy, listed here and start crafting that itinerary.

Sites and tours to see

Chaleur Bay
Appalachian Mountains
Bay of Fundy