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Looking for Newfoundland, Canada vacation rentals? Well, you're in for a special treat! With a true Canadian Atlantic sense, Newfoundland displays its beauty in what is natural and created by man, and carries great history. Find your perfect Newfoundland vacation rental in this island adventure land of eastern North America.

Newfoundland History and the Sea

Newfoundland is proud of its maritime heritage, both natural and man-made. The fjords surrounding Newfoundland were carved and constructed by glaciers. Its economy traditionally has been based from occupations of the sea. The Viking settlement dates back to around 1000 A.D. St. John's, with an important waterfront area, was discovered in 1497 by John Cabot. Icebergs continue to float, whose origin is from West Greenland's glaciers. The native peoples of Newfoundland came to depend on the sea, and today, Newfoundland looks to the sea as a true tourist attraction as well as its natural bounty.

Newfoundland Vacation Spots

Western Newfoundland includes the towns of Stephenville, Corner Brook, and St. Anthony. Stephenville naturally provides outdoor activity with its terrain and landscape; the mountains are perfect for skiing, and the rivers and brooks flowing out from the mountains are great for salmon fishing, kayaking and canoeing. For theater lovers, the Stephenville Theatre Festival puts on productions during the summer. The city of Corner Brook allows itself to be explored via groomed walking trails and holds some history with the Captain James Cook Monument, displaying his charter maps. St. Anthony is a place where the whales go by year-round and icebergs float. L'Anse aux Meadows Historical Site contains restored Viking buildings from the earliest European settlement.

The town of Gander and Kittiwake Coast is part of Central Newfoundland, where aviation history takes off at the Festival of Flight, with entertainment for all, and don't miss the North Atlantic Aviation Museum. The paths to the Kittiwake Coast lead vacationers into paths of history and natural beauty before bringing them to the coastline and beaches. Grand Falls-Windsor is a first-class vacation destination, with The Grand Falls Fishway and Salmon Interpretation Center and a place to picnic at Thunder Brook. Harbour Breton has traditionally been a fishing village, and the Harbour Breton Bay Fjord offers breathtaking views.

Eastern Newfoundland includes the areas around Trinity Bay and Bonavista Bay. The town of Trinity portrays a colonial feel to its community, and the natural colors of this area affect vividly the paint used on buildings and homes. Trinity's history is as a key pioneer settlement. Trinity Bay vacation rentals offer a uniquely quaint charm to guests! The town of Elliston lies on the edge of the Bonavista Peninsula, was formerly known as Bird Island Cove, and is still highly regarded for its premier birdwatching. Early Newfoundland history and living becomes evident by the 135 root cellars found in Elliston, giving it the distinction of "Root Cellar Capital of the World." The peaceful community of Green's Harbor offers an alternative from fast-paced vacationing, with walking, fishing, and hunting as popular activities.

The Avalon region main city is St. John's, with its own distinct time zone on the half-hour, since it is so far to the east of North America. Its waterfront area remains as an important part of the city. Listen to the sounds of Newfoundland folk music, a primary reason to visit pubs along the waterfront, or take part in the late-night ruckus of the pubs that don't feature folk music. St. John's has a remarkable number of bars for the size of the city. For dining options, St. John's has changed its traditional, more uninteresting offerings into a diverse cuisine in a updated atmosphere. History in St. John's can be sought after in a haunted tour, exploring macabre history, a tour focused in the city center, or a tour of homes from the 1700's through the 1900's.

Labrador is situated on mainland Canada and is not part of the island of Newfoundland. The town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay has activities from January through December, whether it's skiing in the winter, or bicycling, hiking, and camping in the summer. The military has played a large role in the history of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, seen through military museums and monuments. Picking berries contrasts greatly with snowmobiling, but they are both part of Labrador West, as is wildlife watching like the George River Caribou Herd.

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