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Ready to vacation in Nicaragua? If so, make sure to check out your options for Nicaragua vacation rentals! Volcanoes, music, dance, festivities, the natural terrain, arts, and the blessings of history are all found in Nicaragua. A Nicaragua vacation rental will be worth its weight in gold or silver or ceramic!

Nicaragua Arts

Creativity and fine crafting define Nicaragua’s arts, a tradition passed down through generations. Nicaragua is especially recognized for this quality throughout Central America. Painters and mural artists are gathered in Jinotepe, while black ceramic is a distinguishing craft in both Matagalpa and Jinotega. Find fine embroidery, silver and gold in Granada, and woodwork is done in León and Granada. In San Juan de Limay, people make crafts out of the products of soapstone mines. A wealth of brightly colored crafts is available for purchase at a large number of markets around the country, including the Old Handicrafts Marketplace in Masaya.. Those who have any affection for the arts should definitely plan a vacation in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Vacation Spots

In the Northeast region of Nicaragua, Puerto Cabezas is an important port and fishing town with access to the indigenous Mistiko people’s villages. There are a number of restaurants from which to select, and the Carribean Sea and beaches are close by. In the Carribean, the Mistiko Cays are small islands with white sand beaches and a wealth of coconut trees. The Mistiko Cays Biological Reserve consists of 75 miles of islands, coral reefs, and sandbars; it protects wildlife such as manatees and marine turtles. Southeast Nicaragua brings you to Bluefields, the first city on Nicaragua’s Atlantic coast. Prepare for an immensely exciting week of May, when ¡Mayo Ya! fills the streets with music and dance, a combination of reggae, folk, and indigenous with a twist of contemporary Jamaica. Visit several reserves for the forests, and ecology, or take in the history at Pearl Lagoon with Miskito villages. Corn Island offers solid opportunities for fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling to see attractive coral formations.

In the central part of Nicaragua, Esteli is a city lying in a valley between high mountains. Known for its equestrian events, Esteli is an agriculture city of valued tobacco. Appreciate its history with the archaeology sites at El Bosque, with fossilized remains and petroglyphs. Matagalpa has much to display - lush tropical forests with plenty of wildlife, mountain views, and excellent architecture including the Baroque-style San Jose de Laborio church. Managua is the capital of Nicaragua, with folklore and tradition a strong part of the city. The cuisine found in Managua is at a high quality, no matter if you’re looking for international or local dishes. Check out the Musical Fountain at nightfall for bright lights and Nicaraguan music from folklore. Discover fine arts and crafts at the galleries and the Central Market. For some scenic excitement, there is Lake Managua and the highly commemorated Momotombo Volcano that can be ascended for a spectacular view.

The San Juan del Sur area is located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, and welcome to great surfing challenges, perfectly desolate beaches, and grand sunsets. Don’t miss the volcanic hot springs and the volcano Mombacho with its collapsed cone converted naturally into a rainforest. San Juan del Sur vacation villas are the perfect choice for travelers interested in this specific area. Rivas is the larger city nearest to San Juan del Sur; there are more urban attractions in Rivas such as the Museo de Rivas, a museum in a colonial structure containing a number of pre-Columbian artifacts and even a covered wagon used for the forest wood. Granada, founded in 1524, is the oldest city in all of Central America, and continues to display its colonial heritage through its buildings. The Church of San Francisco’s convent has now been transformed into a museum with pre-Columbian statues. Entertainment becomes special on Fridays with the Noches de Serenta, with music and tasty local cuisine. Nature lovers will want to tour the Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve, with a cool humid forest at the top and many birds and butterflies. Vacation rentals in Nicaragua feature different benefits, depending on what part of the country you visit, and when you visit! That's what makes them so delightfully exciting.

The Baroque-style cathedral in León really stands out as the largest in Central America, with decorations of lions in both the atrium and at the central plaza fountain. It even is the location of the tomb of the beloved poet Ruben Dario. The UNESCO World Heritage ruins of León Viejo are found across from the Momotombo Volcano. Make sure to get a glimpse of the famous craft of intricate sawdust street carpets, brightly colored.

Nicaragua vacation rentals are, luckily, not hard to find! 

Vacation rentals in Nicaragua are a wonderful idea for people looking for adventure, excitement, and enlightement! While San Juan del Sur vacation villas are the most popular, you can find vacation homes all over Central America. 

Sites and tours to see

Ruben Dario’s Birthplace in Matagalpa
Church of San Francisco in Granada
Cathedral in León
El Bosque Archaeological Site
Duende Cave of Mount Tomabu
Mombacho Volcano near Granada
Musical Fountain in Managua
Center of Old Managua
Yasica Falls in Matagalpa
El Disparate de Potter outside Matagalpa
Las Playitas Lakes
Miskito Savannah
Sumu village of Musawas