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If you love nature, then booking a North Dakota vacation home is a no-brainer. While the state is one of the biggest in America, it is one of the least populated – meaning travelers will have miles and miles of land and water to explore! With its cold winters and hot summers, outdoor recreation of every kind can be found in North Dakota! So whether you're looking for a Devils lake vacation rental, or any other home, it's a good idea to start searching for it right now.

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If you’re an adventure seeker, then look no further than North Dakota vacation rentals. Take a stroll or a hike down famous trails and rolling hills, fish in the many renowned lakes and rivers, or hunt for big game! The possibilities really are endless, as you will quickly discover once you settle into your North Dakota vacation rental. But don’t get too comfortable in your vacation home or cabin – the Great Outdoors awaits you!

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North Dakota is after the heart of any outdoors enthusiast or nature lover. Residents of the state enjoy four distinct seasons, but you can pick and choose which seasons or season you visit the state during. Horseback riding and racing, camping, biking, bird watching, golf, ice fishing, duck hunting, down hill skiing! The list of things you can do during your stay in a North Dakota vacation rental is as big as the state. Perhaps that’s what makes a trip to North Dakota so enticing; it can be completely customized.

From the Missouri River to Devils Lake to Lake Sakakawea to the Red River, you will always be near opportunities for fishing, boating, canoeing, and other activities on the water! The vast land in North Dakota is ideal for bird and deer hunting as well. If you’d prefer to just look at the animals, why not go bird watching or camping? There are over a dozen state parks in the state, and North Dakota vacation rentals are typically located nearby at least one of them.

You may also wish to visit the state's many historic sites. But perhaps the best way to immerse yourself in Midwestern United Sates history, is to follow the very footsteps of the famous explorers Lewis and Clark. The Lewis and Clark trail is one of the most unique and priceless adventures you can take on a North Dakota vacation, or any vacation for that matter. It is one thing to hear about a historical expedition and journey – but to take the journey yourself is a completely different experience. It’s not likely you will return from your North Dakota getaway without having learned a lot about the region’s legendary past. Aren’t you curious about the story of Sakakawea?

North Dakota is indeed a natural wonderland, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of indoor attractions for its eager tourists. Visit museums, like the North Dakota Heritage Center, which showcases the state’s Native American roots; the National Buffalo Museum; or the Dakota Dinosaur Museum! Cities, like Bismarck and Fargo, are popular destinations for travelers too. Or perhaps you’d like to stay in a Devils Lake vacation rental. Not to mention, the state boasts several theaters, art museums, festivals, concerts, and the University of North Dakota, which all offer entertainment and cultural insight to travelers.

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