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Industry, progress, a whole lot of culture, and almost too much nature to explore by yourself – it’s Northern Mexico. Simply thinking about all of the features of Northern Mexico will convince you to book one of the Northern Mexico vacation rentals listed here very soon.

Northern Mexico Landscape

Think of two spectacular mountain ranges, the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra Madre Occidental. Place in expansive plains with an extraordinarily dry climate. Add in a desert with a vast array of flora and fauna, the Chihuahua Desert. Dig in with a huge canyon system – the Copper Canyon – and situate a magnificent waterfall. Place carefully a fertile valley here and there, such as Valle Del Fuerte in Sinaloa. Scientifically determine a biosphere region, like El Pinacate. Sprinkle around a number of microclimates. Now you have it – the landscape of Northern Mexico, yours to explore. Northern Mexico vacation rentals are the best way to get acquainted with the striking natural beauty of the region.

Northern Mexico Vacation Spots

Chihuahua City is in a wealthy state of Mexico, attributed to its prosperity in industries and tourism. Plenty of history can be uncovered in Chihuahua, with one noteworthy place being the mansion in which the infamous Pancho Villa lived. The regional museum has on display the top quality Art Nouveau in Mexico created between 1907 and 1911, as well as exhibits dealing with the culture of the Tarahumara Indians.

The desert city of Hermosillo glows with both natural light bouncing off the streets, and the lights of the magnificent buildings around the city. Actually, Hermosilla is home to a number of dramatic landscapes, such as the Sierras and valleys. The monuments and plaza structures are made of fine construction, and the modern feel blends gently with the older buildings. Hermosillo provides easy access to all locations in its city, so touring is simply a breeze.

Bahía Kino, known as Hermosillo’s beach and waterfront area, is a bay lined with white sand. Water sports such as waterskiing, diving, fishing, and swimming are prime activities. Sunsets burst with lively shades of purple and orange, and native plants such as sahuaros attract vacationers. The Seri Indians sell crafts from clay beads to musical instruments in the town of Kino. Approximately 2.4 miles from the shore lies the island of Tiburón, a plant and animal reserve.

The year-round destination of Puerto Peñasco, also referred to as Rocky Point, has roots as a fishing village and serves as a resort area today. Water sport enthusiasts will appreciate the large swells, superior diving and swimming, snorkeling opportunities, and of course fishing, with the chance to do so from a party boat or fishing charter. Cuisine found along the ocean at Puerto Peñasco can be surprisingly inexpensive. If you're visiting the area, why not consider Puerto Peñasco rentals?

The fertile valley holding Saltillo remains as the producer of the blankets of bright colors that represent Mexican culture. Rich cultural roots have led to the exotic museums dedicated to Mexican birds and the desert. Saltillo’s impressive architecture is mixed, based on what period the structures were originally built. The historic center is pink quarry stone laden, and for previous history, outside of the city is Rincon Dorado, a place containing dinosaur fossils.

Ranches in Piedras Negras provide for a hunting sports delight, with high-quality game available, and a main attraction is the Hunting and Fishing Club. Shopping for leather goods will result in great finds from many local artisans, and shoppers will want to explore the Mercado Zaragoza, with a great abundance of crafts, Mexican-style. Piedras Negras’s primary annual celebration is “La Feria del Sol,” during the second week of July.

In Monterrey, you will find a well-organized city with a great deal of cultural attractions, both inside city limits and in the immediate surrounding area. Macro Plaza contains the highest monument in all of Mexico, the Faro de Comercio, which beams a red-colored laser light around Monterrey and the mountain backdrop. Among Monterrey’s culinary delights are roasted cabrito (baby goat, barbecue style) and machacha created with dried meat. Barrio Antiguo provides interest in both the day and nightlife.

Other great Northern Mexico vacation rentals include San Carlos vacation rentals. As you can see, Mexico accommodations are plentiful, so there's no reason you shouldn't feel at home when visiting the country. As you plan your trip, check out the lovely San Carlos vacation rentals, Puerto Peñasco rentals, and other Mexico vacation homes and condos, found here.

Sites and tours to see

Pancho Villa’s Mansion in Chihuahua
Plaza Hidalgo in Chihuahua
Asuncion Cathedral in Hermosillo
Zaragoza Square in Hermosillo
Seri Museum in Bahía Kino
Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans in Puerto Peñasco
Old Port shopping in Puerto Peñasco
Santiago Cathedral in Saltillo
Coahuila Cultural Institute in Saltillo
San Bernardo Mission ruins in Piedras Negras
De La Ventana Caverns in Piedras Negras
El Cerro de la Silla near Monterrey
Municipal Palace in Monterrey