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The fjords, Viking history, the Northern Lights, and the midnight sun all bring Norway to mind. The next thought you should have is to decide on which Norway vacation rental will suit your particular travel needs. If a  Norway vacation is what you seek, finding great accommodations should be at the top of your to-do list. 

Norway Outdoors

You’ll find some premier skiing in Norway, whether you prefer alpine or cross-country. There aren’t many places around the world where you would think that a concert would be held in an igloo with instruments constructed of ice. The multitude of fjords and the nature surrounding them are truly breathtaking. Glacier hiking is popular in West and North Norway. For summer activities, South Norway’s coastline is ideal, with plenty of crabbing, scuba diving, swimming, river rafting, and sailing. Hikers and mountain climbers should always find Norway pleasing. Norway accommodations will fit every season; so come visit in the summer or winter!

Norway Vacation Spots

North Norway uncovers much beauty as the land of the midnight sun in summer, and the Northern Lights in the very dark winter. A variety of outdoor activities await vacationers. Hiking can range from smoother ground to mountain climbing, and at the water, scuba diving, whale watching, and fishing at the sea or inland. In the Arctic island area, glacier walking and dog sledding are some of the allowed adventures, as well as bird watching. Take a cruise to experience the Coastal Express voyage, and visit the delightful city of Tromsø.

Central Norway bears the mark of agriculture, and the mining town of Røros, in the county of Sør-Trøndelag, has been bestowed the UNESCO status of World Heritage. It is an area of immense history, including the battle site of King Olav Haraldsson Stiklestad in Nord-Trøndelag, who was later to become Saint Olav. Over his gravesite, Nidaros Cathedral was built, a national shrine where pilgrims sought healing and the crowning of Norwegian monarchs occurred. The river fishing in Central Norway is particularly excellent for both sea trout and salmon. The modern city of Trondheim features the royal residence Stiftsgården, a very large wooden structure.

The fjords, products of the last Ice Age in West Norway, are uniquely spectacular. Sognefjorden is the longest fjord in the world, and sits between both verdant lands and mountainous country. Take note of the waterfalls along Geirangerfjorden and the orchards blooming along Hardangderfjorden. Stop at the fish market in West Norway’s largest city, Bergen, denoted as a European City of Culture. Bergen holds the birth location of composer Edvard Grieg as well. Stavanger’s Petroleum Museum provides an extensive look into the history and technology of the oil industry. The harbor of Stavanger, while historic, has some avant-garde architecture nearby.

East Norway has many areas of interest. Oslo is Norway’s capital, and since the city lies at the end of the Oslofjord and there is easy access to the Oslomarka forest, outdoor lovers can be well satisfied. The arts, shopping, and dining are all well represented in Oslo. See Thor Heyerdahl’s raft of balsa wood, the Kon Tiki, here. History is found along the coast in Tønsberg, the oldest city in Norway, circa 871 A.D. The county of Telemark is mountainous and forested, maintaining strong traditions and folk art. Lillehammer, a Winter Olympic site, is known for its winter sport availability. Valdres is another vacationers’ town, with its own folk art and historic structures.

Southern Norway is the sunny region of the country, making it delightful for a vacation for visitors from far and near. Outside provides a wealth of coastline opportunity along with hill and mountain adventures. The Kristiansandsfjord is a busy area in summer and features the Grønningen Lighthouse. Small towns along the coast show their pretty simplicity with homes painted white, and blossoming gardens. History sites in this area include shipwrecks, and Lyngør Island contains a well-preserved village of wooden houses built in close proximity.

Once you learn about the great variety of Norway vacation spots, a trip to Norway becomes more and more appealing. But what about Norway accommodations? As you determine where you'll stay in the country, do not forget about Norway vacation rentals! A Norway vacation is not really complete without the right vacation home. As well, it's not really affordable without the right Norway vacation deals!

With all the Norway vacation rentals out there, you're sure to stumble across more than a few amazing Norway vacation deals. 

Sites and tours to see

Resistance Museum at Akershus Castle
The Kon-Tiki Museum
Viking Ship Museum
Radhuset (City Hall)
Vigeland Sculpture Park
Olympia Hall
Hattfjelldal Church
Isak Saba-House loghouse
Kunes Chapel
The Fjords
Northern Lights
Hanseatic Wharf in Bergen
Urnes Stave Church