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Nova Scotia blends landscape, history, cuisine, museums, and culture to provide a five-star vacation. A Nova Scotia vacation rental could put you on a cliff, in a valley, or maybe in a lighthouse!

Nova Scotia Museums

There are approximately 140 museums in Nova Scotia, depicting everything from Native life to contemporary music culture. Cape Breton Miners’ Museum occupies 15 acres and allows visitors to look into the strong coal mining industry of Nova Scotia. Geology lovers and dinosaur fans will be delighted with the Fundy Geological Museum, with models of the terrain and teaches about regional mineral deposits. The Anne Murray Centre gives an inside look at the country singer’s accomplishments. You won’t want to miss the vast diversity of the museums in Nova Scotia on your vacation! And in order to make sure that you have the time, convenient location, and extra money to really get to know Nova Scotia, you need to book one of the great Nova Scotia vacation rentals found here.

Nova Scotia Key Areas

The Evangeline Trail, on the western side of Nova Scotia, takes vacationers by areas along the Bay of Fundy. The port of Digby is known as the world’s largest fleet of scallops. Much Acadian culture can be found here, and bountiful agriculture can be explored in the Annapolis Valley, as well as an array of Victorian homes. Annapolis Valley vacation rentals can be just as beautiful and historic as neighboring homes, in fact! The Glooscap Trail is full of natural wonders: from the ecological splendor of the Minas Basin shore, to the exciting high and low tides and the planet’s largest tidal bore. Beaches, and forests lead to the quaint towns with luscious cuisine such as lobster, and seafood chowder. Several notable museums are in the area, like the Joggins Fossil Centre or Springhill’s Anne Murray Centre. Enjoy the Sunrise Trail, replete with verdant valleys, and a great vista of complementary land and very blue sea. Festivals and food reign as king here, with some of Nova Scotia’s best blueberries, wines, and traditions in sound and dance.

Cape Breton Island has several trails, including the Ceilidh Trail with its Mabou Highlands; the highlands are perfect for a fun and demanding hike. Glenora Distillery’s specialty is single-malt whiskey, unique on the continent. Summer on the trail leads to strains of fiddles and bagpipes. Cabot Trail provides for a spectacular drive, where the highway is constructed from the sides of mountains. You can’t miss the Cape Breton Highlands National Park along the trail, with its colored terrain of woods, bogs, and tundra, and plenty of fauna such as moose. History dominates the Marconi Trail and the Fleur-de-lis Trail, where the 18th century comes alive inside Fortress Louisbourg. The homes, gardens, stores, and demonstrations are portrayed in the French heritage. The coal-mining industry also played a large role in the towns along the trails. Along the Fleur-de-lis Trail, Louisdale continues on the French tradition in its French Acadian cuisine. The native people of Nova Scotia are known as the Mi’kmaq, and the Bras d’Or Lakes continue to show their culture. The Bras d’Or Scenic Drive also includes the Marble Mountain road, whose shoreline provides an excellent opportunity for wildlife watching and sea kayaking through the inlets around the Cape Breton Island area.

Marine Drive truly is for lovers of the sea who enjoy the past. The beaches along Marine Drive are quite clean and beautiful, and wildlife and birds are plentiful. The shimmering waters lining the coast have become a first choice for sea kayakers, and away from the coast, the lakes and rivers are a popular site for fishing and canoeing. The Halifax/Dartmouth area is quite a metropolitan area with a combination of tasty dining, fine art galleries, and active nightlife. They have not forgotten, though, that the beaches, parks, and waterfront areas are also important parts of the total package of the cities. On opposing sides of Halifax Harbour, Halifax and Dartmouth both benefit from the Bedford Basin, the location of the oldest yacht club on the continent. The Lighthouse Route displays a picturesque landscape, along with more than twenty lighthouses, including the well-known Peggy’s Cove lighthouse. Halifax rentals are a great idea for the curious explorer!

Nova Scotia vacation rentals are a smart, cozy, and economical choice for anyone visiting Canada. Consider Annapolis Valley vacation rentals, Halifax rentals, and more, when making your travel plans! 

Sites and tours to see

St. Peter’s Canal National Historic Site of Canada
Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada
Joe’s Scarecrow Village
Glenora Distillery
Haliburton House Museum
Cossitt House Museum
Fortress Louisbourg
Anne Murray Centre
Black Cultural Center for Nova Scotia
St. Paul’s Anglican Church
Sailing tour on Bluenose II
Old Town Lunenburg
Lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove