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Up and down Mexico’s Pacific Coast region, sun, sea, and sand rule. The problem is…there is so much else too! Your stay can’t be short…and neither can the length of time for which you’ll book your Pacific Coast vacation rental.

Pacific Coast Beaches

Often, the beaches along the Pacific Coast of Mexico are considered the real draw to this region. Acapulco rentals are fit for just about anyone; that's because Acapulco has beaches that cater to families, spring break students, those looking for calm waves or good-sized swells, and some with more aggressive vendors than others. A plethora of sport activities are available at the beaches of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. Manzanillo’s beaches are mostly not crowded and eye-catching. The golden zone is the most popular area for beachgoers in Mazatlán. Puerto Vallarta villas are also a great idea; the city benefits from its location on the second largest bay on the continent, so beach activity is very exciting and the waves generally calm.

Pacific Coast Mexico Vacation Spots

Acapulco offers it all…a non-stop partying atmosphere, water activities to rival the best in the world, gourmet restaurants to satisfy the palate, and plenty of natural beauty. Acapulco appeals to all ages, and a short vacation just can’t cover the vast range of things to do. Sports of all types are easily found here, whether it be on the links, on a tennis court, in the water, using a fishing pole, putting on roller skates or scuba gear, or picking up a bowling ball or hunting equipment, or in the air, skydiving. The nightlife here is unparalleled, and you can find something for practically any music taste in the number of clubs. Acapulco’s History Museum at the Fort of San Diego covers the first inhabitants through the Mexican war for independence and more.

The 20 miles of Huatulco comprise a younger resort area than Acapulco, and several bays are the setting for the resorts. The ecological makeup of the area is quite unique; many tree varieties, like tepeguaje and mango, and fauna such as armadillos and tlacuaches. The cuisine to enjoy here is Oaxacan, and the most popular dish is green mole, though more exotic offerings include iguana and grasshoppers. Puerto Escondido is a nearby resort town with a reputation for fantastic beaches, such as Playa Principal, and an annual international surfing competition.

Interested in Ixtapa condos? Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is really a study in contrasts, since Ixtapa is a constructed resort area since 1968, and Zihuatanejo retains its small-town, fishing village atmosphere. La Marina de Ixtapa features a promenade with a view of delightful restaurants, a golf course, and the ability to dock over 100 yachts. Shopping seems endless in the malls interspersed with plazas and gardens. Zihuatanejo has cobblestone-paved streets in El Centro, the downtown area, and a narrow sheltered bay of 1.8 miles shows it beauty to major watercraft sailing through the bay. Diving, fishing, and snorkeling are only some of the water sports practiced.

Manzanillo holds many treasures to be discovered. Playa d’Oro, though not a popular beach, has a story of a steamship wreck in 1862 leaving an immense amount of gold off the coast. It is known for beachcombing, and walking, but not swimming because of the strong undertow. Under the sea lies prize fish - sailfish, dorado, rooster fish, marlin, and tuna – to be caught by everyone from novice to expert. Divers also enjoy the colorful undersea world both day and night. Go on a volcano tour to see Volcan de Colima, the most active of its kind in Mexico.

Appreciate the difference in Mazatlán, where history, industry, and traditional tourism combine to make a great vacation destination. Old Mazatlán is the historic center, showing many restored buildings during a casual stroll, and a chance to interact with welcoming locals. Shrimp, commercial fishing, and the Pacifico Brewery are just some of the industries of Mazatlán. Fifteen miles of beach await for you with restaurants and excellent water sporting activities.

Friendly and clean Puerto Vallarta beckons tourists with its incredible variety of things to do. From cultural days, to dining and dancing nights, you’ll spend little down time unless you are relaxing somewhere on the 100 miles of coastline, maybe whale watching. The Puerto Vallarta area encompasses the resort locations of Sayulita, Punta de Mita, Bucieras, Nuevo Vallarta, and Los Muertos Beach as well. Nuevo Vallarta home rentals are specially popular.

Pacific Coast vacation rentals make great accommodations for your next trip to Mexico and they will impress every member of your party! Ixtapa condos, Nuevo Vallarta home rentals, Puerto Vallarta villas, and Acapulco rentals are just some examples of all your choices! 

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