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Pakistan vacation rentals can lead you to the archaeology, plunge you into the crafts at the bazaars, or allow you to please the eyes at the beautiful landscapes. Even if you are only looking for outdoor challenge, your Pakistan vacation rental will still be quite necessary and timely at the end of the day.

Pakistan Outdoor Sports

Pakistan is practically created for trekking, especially in the Northern mountain ranges like the Karakorams, the Himalayas, and the Hindukush. The season for trekking is primarily May through October. Mountaineering is also a great fit for Pakistan vacations, with a very high density of tall mountain peaks, and a wealth of them yet to be ascended. Water sports take on two different forms in Pakistan: white water, and coastal. White water sports such as kayaking, rafting, and canoeing can be the attraction to the rivers and streams of Northern Pakistan, while the sunny beaches on the coastline offer challenges such as deep-sea fishing and yachting.

Pakistan Vacation Spots

The main tourist season in the city of Multan is from October to March. Multan’s shrines are well regarded, and you may see a ritual, called an Ur, during your vacation. There is no sweet tooth left unsatisfied in Multan for vacationers: some foods not to be missed include the Multani Halwa and faluda. Find crafts made from camel skin, carpets, and leather shoes (khussas) in the bazaars.

Satisfy your reading interests in the city of Bahawalpur, where the Central Library attracts international visitors for its quality architecture and scholar value with rare manuscripts. For purchasing excellent crafts, visit the Craft Development Center for the Cholistan area. Around Bahawalpur, Lal Suhanra National Park contains a natural lake, watchtowers, and tourist huts.

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, still has a part that runs as a village-oriented location, but is quite a contemporary city. Islamabad has plenty of examples of modern architecture to see. Just west of Islamabad is the Margallah Pass, with an obelisk at the top of the pass. See the multi-dimensional archaeological wonder of Taxila, a former center of Buddhism.

Rawalpindi is the twin city to Islamabad. The old city is interesting to tour, and the bazaars found in it can result in a great deal for vacationers. Outside of Rawalpindi are the largest salt mines, the Kherwa Salt Mines, and the largest salt deposit on the entire globe.

On the coast of the Arabian Sea, Karachi is a very well blended city of old and new. Outdoor recreation abounds with year-round water activities such as deep-sea fishing, and yachting, while not lacking in land activities like horse racing and golf. Karachi is a relatively new city compared to the rest of Pakistan, but the National Museum of Pakistan is premier among Pakistani museums and there is a variety of architecture to appreciate.

Azad Kashmir is a landscape-rich territory, where springs, streams and flowers are set together in a gorgeous fashion, and mountains lead into alpine valleys.

A truly cultural atmosphere defines the city of Lahore, as well as a laidback and friendly existence. Its streets, with cars alongside scooters, and shopping bazaars are bustling. The Lahore Museum displays paintings from Indo-Pakistan, British, Sikh, and Mughal origin, and artifacts of jewelry, pottery, and textiles. History lovers will want to tour the Royal Fort, mostly built around the year 1566.

Northern Pakistan is high country, with mountain peaks ranging from about 3000 feet to five miles high. The culture of Northern Pakistan includes colorful costumes, along with folk dancing. Polo is a sport practiced in this region. See some of the largest glaciers outside of the Arctic region as well!

Peshavar has an old city part, with unbaked brick homes, and a new city part fashioned similarly to the British architecture and structure. The historic-laden Khyber Pass is located nearby, following the hills along the western line of Pakistan.

The mountainous region where Quetta is located lends itself to fine ecotourism, with a wealth of common fruits, nuts, and Garma and Sarda melon grown locally. Native wild tulips grow here, and find five species of the national animal of Pakistan, the markhor.

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Just as there are a variety of Pakistan vacation spots, there are lots of different Pakistan accommodations to choose from. A vacation home in Pakistan rises to the top. Pakistan vacation rentals are quainter, comfier, less pricy, and feature more amenities than hotels. 

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