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The Jesuit missions, the wildlife, the tasty cuisine, and a diverse culture base are some of Paraguay’s attributes. May your Paraguay vacation rental be as delightful as your traveling around the country.

Paraguay Dining

You’ll find a number of alternatives when dining in Paraguay, especially in Asunción, where a good number of restaurants vary in price but have excellent offerings. The variety of barbecued meat served on plates is called asado, a Paraguayan tradition because of the quantity of cattle available. Surubi is a delicious fish, native to the rivers in central South America. A starchy root vegetable staple in Paraguayan diets is mandioca, prepared fried, boiled, or as a ground flour. Sopa paraguaya and chipa are two types of cornbread, and you can wash it all down with the healing drink yerba mate. With a Paraguay vacation rental, however, you can also cook your own favorite dishes! Paraguay vacation rentals often feature a kitchen.

Paraguay Vacation Spots

Take a stroll down Aregura’s streets of cobblestone, perusing the pottery crafts and various art galleries to find one-of-a-kind quality and style goods. The summer mansions have been restored, and are lived in by families of average income. Celebrate during the festival for the main crop of Aregura: the Strawberry Festival.

The capital of Parguay, Asunción, offers a relatively inexpensive vacation destination. The cathedral from the 19th century is a main attraction, along with its museum. The government buildings are worth your time: visit the Government Palace (buit in the style of the Louvre in Paris, France), the Customs House, and the Congressional Palace. Take a walk in one of the beautiful parks such as the Jardin Botanico y Zoológical. An archaeological museum should also be of interest. The Plaza de los Heroes, containing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, also has shops underground and outdoor craft booths.

Ciudad Del Este benefits from a varied cuisine, ranging from Japanese and Korean to Brazilian dishes to savor. You’ll find bargains in the shopping of Ciudad Del Este in a wide variety of items available from electronics to spirits. Ciudad Del Este is also a traditional stopping point before visiting Argentina’s Iguacu Falls. The way to Concepcion can be from land or water, and each proves to be of significant interest. You may take a bus, or trek the terrain of the Chaco via a 4-wheel drive vehicle and get to birdwatch and view the fauna. The water route is actually a remarkable boat trip on the Paraguay River via commercial or passenger vessels, taking about one week round trip from Asuncion.

Encarnacion is a popular place to stay while visiting the areas of Jesus de Tavarangue and La Santisima Trinidad, where ruins of Jesuit missions are restored to a good level and therefore entice many visitors with their artistic formations and meaning. They are designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Filadelfia has two main attractions for the vacationer. First, Mennonite farmers from the countries of Canada, Germany, and Russia have established a colony in Filadelfia, and the primary language of the town is surprisingly German. Second, the town is a great starting point to visit Western Paraguay, characteristically full of marshes and jungle.

Adventure lovers and naturists take heed: Gran Chaco is very much your vacation destination. There is a great deal of wildlife to see and potentially photograph. Gran Chaco is also a known location for fishing lovers, with good angling. Guaira Falls has historical interest as the site of the world’s largest waterfall, with an incredible amount of water flow. Today, it is considered a drowned waterfall because of the Itaipu dam’s creation of an immense lake.

Villa Florida is situated on the Tebicuary River, connecting the Paraguay and Parana Rivers, and is a very good area for fishing for giant dorado and other fish, its beaches, and camping. Traveling to Lake Ypacarai can result in an excellent opportunity for boating, jet skiing, and windsurfing. Yaguraron is close by, with restored carvings of Franciscan missionaries and a stately baroque-style church.

A Paraguay vacation home promises to make you feel welcome! So consider Paraguay vacation rentals for your trip to South America; you will not be sorry! Once you find your preferred Paraguay vacation home, simply inquire about it to get the ball rolling. 

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