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The unimaginable diversity of flora and fauna, incredible landscapes, churches and cathedrals, and the people of Peru all welcome you. Your Peru vacation rental, no matter if it’s in the jungle, on the beach, or in the mountains, will truly be a pleasure.

Peru Eternal City

Machu Picchu is an extraordinarily well-preserved city, important to the Incas as a royal estate and also a religious retreat area. There are approximately 200 buildings in Machu Picchu, including homes, temples and storage buildings, mostly made of granite blocks fit together so exactly that mortar was not needed. Most of the inhabitants were women, children, and priests, and mummies found there are mostly adult females. An important remaining device is intihuatana, used in a ceremony around the time of the winter solstice. Found in 1911, Machu Picchu is yours to discover today in Peru.

Peru Key Areas

Arequipa’s terrain is composed of lava layers, volcanic cones, and canyons, while on the coast there are desert dunes. Visit the beach resorts and thermal baths along the coast. The capital of the region is characterized by white volcanic rock in the construction of the buildings, giving it the nickname “The White City.” For adventure, the Colca Canyon offers rafting, trekking, and kayaking. Beauty envelops the city of Cuzco, the cultural center of Peru and its archaeological center as well. A plethora of churches and museums make this a prime vacation destination. The archaeological monuments such as Sacsayhuaman’s Fortress and Pisac’s terraces are well worth visiting. The very important Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, named “the Capital of America,” are also located here.

The Ancash region is lined with both the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains. The White Cordillera shows its majestic qualities with glaciers and the snow, and thermal baths await the visitor looking for relaxation. Huascaran stands as the highest peak in the country. Partake in the wide selection of sports practiced in Ancash. The beaches of the region of Ica are pleasant, with a number of marine species, and the city of Ica is renowned for its tourable wineries. The Nazca Lines are geoglyphs, carved into the desert of Peru representing animals and other figures, seen from the air. Animal lovers will enjoy Paracas National Reserve, containing sea lions and coastal birds.

Iquitos is literally and figuratively a hot vacation destination, with incredibly high temperatures and great cultural attractions. Shop for an abundance of Amazon crafts of wood, ceramic, jewelry and more. Nightlife runs until 1 or 2 A.M. on the streets during weekdays, and longer on weekends. Check out the European-styled buildings of the 19th century, evidence of the rubber industry boom. Get to know the friendly people of indigenous, Asian, and European blood in Iquitos.

Vacationers will not have idle time in the capital city of Lima, unless you specifically seek it. Historic Lima is designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Center, with a large showing of artistic monuments. Religious touring can include the Lima Cathedral, Santo Domingo (the oldest convent in Lima), and the Church and the colorful Convent of San Francisco. Nightlife is found in many districts, with plenty of gaming, dancing, and pub-hopping, as well as live dance and music of the Afroperuvians. Lima offers many succulent local cuisine meals based on fish and shellfish.

A whirlwind of biodiversity characterizes Puerto Maldonado, with a blend of jungle and the Andes. The flora and fauna is highly concentrated and jungle lodging is open to attain the real feel of the Amazon. Puno is home to Lake Titicaca, whose claim to fame is the highest altitude navigable lake in the world. See a breathtaking view of the Cordillera Real and associated landscapes, and continue on with the monuments of the Cathedral and the Arch Deustua. The waters and the white sand beaches of Tumbes is an especially enticing attraction. Water sports reign here, from swimming and canoeing to water-skiing and yachting; great fishing is also available. Visit the historic Caleta de la Cruz de Pizzaro as well.

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Sites and tours to see

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Conde de Lemos’s Balcony in Puno
Manu National Park
Church of San Francisco in Lima
Belén Indian Market in Iquitos
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Riverfront architecture in Iquitos
Caleta de la Cruz de Pizzaro in Tumbes
Wine tours in Ica
Alpamayo Mountain in Ancash
Huascaran, highest peak in Peru
Inca ruins in Cuzco
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