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The wonderful landscapes, the diving, the colors, and the historical culture lead vacationers to the Philippines. May your Philippines vacation rental be just as colorful as the people, and just as warm and welcoming, too.

Philippines Festivals

Color is a major feature of the Philippines, whether it’s the vehicles on the street, the costumes of the indigenous people, or the array of festivals. The festivals are mostly grounded in the Roman Catholic belief system, since about 90 percent of Filipinos are Roman Catholics, a unique feature in this part of the world. To honor Santo Niño, the lively festival of Ati-Atihan is held in January on the island of Panay, while the Sinulog festival is on Cebu, filled with brightly colored costumes. Twice a year, the Black Nazarene procession occurs, and the month-long festival of Flores De Mayo includes the Santa Cruz pageant. When booking Philippines vacation rentals, make sure to visit amidst one of these vibrant festivals!

Where to Vacation in Philippines

Tourism and the abundant agriculture are the largest draws to the island of Bohol, the tenth largest in the country. Hence, Bohol vacation rentals are especially popular. The landscape features the deliciously named Chocolate Hills, which number almost 1300 differently sized hills. In the higher altitudes, rainforests exist, and practically secret waterfalls are found here and there all around the island. Take a look for the peculiar and tiny tarsier in Bohol, of the primate order. Great diving is ahead for vacationers at the smaller islands to the southwest, and underwater reveals the brilliant coral life and coral fish.

Cebu is well recognized for its coast, with fun opportunities on the beach and in the water, and plenty of dive resorts. Mactan Island in the province is also noted for its beach tourism. Both a traditional industry and fine craft in Cebu is handmade guitar making, along with banjos, ukuleles, and mandolins Filipino style, called bandurrias. Cebu City offers significantly large shopping centers, and take a walk down Colon Street, the oldest in the country. Of religious significance are the Magellan Cross and Santo Niño, both found in Cebu.

Leyte’s capital is Tacloban, providing a number of historical things to see based on the 1944 Red Beach landing of General Douglas MacArthur. Capturing much visual interest for vacationers is the longest bridge in the Philippines is the San Juanico Bridge, connecting Leyte with the island of Samar. Ormoc City, in the western part of Leyte, holds daily food markets that are brimming with people. A colorful way to get from here to there is using the streets, on a tricycle, seeing multicolor minibuses.

Volcanoes are a part of the island of Luzon, the home of three well-known ones named Mount Pinatubo, Mount Mayon (the most active volcano in the Philippines), and Taal. Visit the remnants of the medieval walled city of Intramuros, a touch of Spain in the Philippines. Manila has a large amount of vacation attraction, from the government seat at Malacañang Palace to the varied Hispanic and Filipino architecture in the cultural complex of Plaza San Luis. Manila vacation rentals provide easy access to several shrines to visit, honoring national heroes such as Dr. Jose Rival and Gat. Andres Bonifacio. Take a very inexpensive ride on a jeepney, a colorful vehicle derived from American military jeeps left over from World War II. Enjoy leisure activities in the former military base areas of Angeles City and Subic Bay on Luzon.

Mindanao allows for an excellent chance to take an adventure in the tropical rainforest like jungle trekking. Mount Apo is a sacred mountain to the indigenous people of Mindanao, and those who love nature and exploration enjoy the mountain also: it is the only site of the Philippine eagle. There are a total of 18 distinct groups, indigenous to the island, who retain their own cultures and traditions on Mindanao, such as the T’boli, the B’laan, and the Higaunon.

Palawan is a very beautiful paradise-like island with interesting places such as the underground river inside of a cave, greeting vacationers with a sampling of bats, stalactites and stalagmites. The white sand beaches lead to snorkeling and diving to explore the underwater world. The rainforest on Palawan is noted for its gigantic trees, some quite rare, and the Cobra king.

If you hope to vacation in Philippines in style, comfort, and luxury, then a Philippines vacation rental is the answer! 


Sites and tours to see

Magellan Cross on Cebu
Santo Niño on Cebu
Taal Volcano on Luzon
Intramuros on Luzon
Manila Cathedral
San Agustin Church
Punta Cruz Watchtower on Bohol
Churches of Bohol
Mount Apo on Mindanao
Palawan rainforest