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Friendly people, big mountains to ski on during the winter, beaches to catch sun on during the summer, lively cities, a proud cultural heritage on display wherever you go – what more could you ask for in a European vacation? Poland, a sizable European country, has become more and more modern with every passing year and yet it still maintains its traditions. For an affordable and safe trip to Europe, book your Poland vacation rental right away!

The heart of Europe

Surrounded by several countries and bordering the Baltic Sea, Poland can definitely be considered part of Europe’s heart. And it’s a warm heart indeed, as the hospitable people of Poland are known for greeting tourists with open arms. Aspiring empires targeted Poland for centuries and it wasn’t until after World War II that the country was given a fighting chance to overcome its past. As a recent member of the European Union, Poland has made a turn for the better and those renting a Poland vacation home are in for a real treat.

Poland Vacation Spots

The ghost of communism is very present in Poland, nurturing a vibrant artistic community. There is so much to learn about the architecture, literature, and music of the region that you won’t ever lack things to do and exlore. You may find the Czartoryski Museum the most intriguing of all. Built in the 1800’s, the impressive museum features pieces by Leonardo Da Vinci and other artistic treasures that stretch centuries and originate from both the east and west. For a bit of culture, make sure to travel to Poland during the festivals, which include the Music in Old Kraków International Festival and the Polish Film Festival, to name a few. From the popular national events to local fairs and competitions, Poland is overflowing with celebrative and educational happenings throughout the year.

There is plenty of intriguing history to learn in Poland as well. Whether you’re interested in visiting the largest gothic castle in Europe, Malbork Castle, or the still-standing buildings of the infamous Auschwitz prison, Poland has much in store for you. Medieval times all the way up to World War II are well-represented in various parts of Poland; however, some areas in the country are so thriving and modern, it’s hard to remember the country’s difficult history. One of those areas is the city of Warsaw, which was ravaged by World War II but today is flooded with the urban charm and excitement characteristic of the West. Warsaw is the cosmopolitan center of Poland and it’s arguably the best city for shopping and dining.

For those who find less appeal in modern delights, the city of Krakow is a must-see. It’s dominated by old architecture and museums. On the same token, Krakow is still a great spot to enjoy the modern art and culture of Poland, as it is the home town of many of the country’s famed literary figures. During a single day trip to Krakow, you can tour striking cathedrals, museums, and even the Dragon's Cave. According to legend, the mysterious cave is where the fantastical medieval fire-breather was killed by a slayer, who was after the hand of the king’s daughter.

As far as nature goes, there is all the more to discover. In the winter time, hit the slopes with your skis, or flock to the beaches in summertime. Poland has outdoor recreation for every season. A slew of national parks will introduce you to Poland’s wild natural wonders. At Białowieźa National Park, you can witness over a hundred species of birds, the rare European bison, and lots of other amazing animals. Słowiński National Park, on the other hand, showcases the country’s coast line, lakes, and various villages. It’s also home to the White Mountain, a one-of-a-kind dune that shifts throughout the year; the magnificent dune is created by sand kicked up by the beach waves, which is then dried by the sun and wind, only to be accumulated once again.

A vacation to Poland will certainly please just about any type of vacationer; bustling cities, rich history, nature, adventure, and much more, await you in Poland! It’s no wonder the country is such an increasingly popular and captivating destination for travelers.

Finding Poland Accommodations 

Many people underestimate Poland vacation spots, but you can be unique and take advantage of this exciting country with so much to offer! Just make sure you do so with the help of Poland vacation rentals. A Poland vacation home is the ideal way to experience the local culture. Some Poland accommodations may come in the form of hotel rooms, but that doesn't mean you have to make hotel reservations.

Sites and tours to see

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Dragon's Cave
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Słowiński National Park
Czartoryski Museum
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Wawel Royal Castle
Carpathian Mountains
Music in Old Kraków International Festival
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