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Castles, spas, plenty of history, and the Dracula heritage and legend…only in Romania. Book a Romania vacation rental, but don’t be scared…you’ll be safe from the vampire’s teeth.

Romania and Dracula

The fictional character Count Dracula was thought up because of the Wallachia, Romania ruler Vlad Dracula, or Vlad Tepes. The legend lives on today, and there are Dracula tours available throughout Romania to see the various historical sites. The town of Sighisoara is Vlad’s birthplace, and his birth house was renovated into a restaurant and medieval weapons museum. Bran Castle is part of the tour, as well as Brasov, where Vlad committed invasions of the Saxon merchants area. Curtea Domneasca stands as Dracula’s palace in Bucharest. These tours sometimes also have a focus on the fictional side of Dracula. Romania vacation rentals will likely be just as interesting and colorful as the country's history and culture!

Romania Vacation Spots

Bucharest, Romania’s capital, has a mixed heritage from which to draw – communism and its society, the Romanian aristocracy, and King Carol 1 – a German monarch with the longest reign in Romania’s history. The Palace of Parliament is twelve stories of awe-inspiring architecture and an ornately decorated interior of 3100 rooms. The Old Court Church is from the 1500’s and gorgeous, well-kept frescoes are on display. Plenty of entertainment options are to be had in Bucharest, with a choice of nightclubs, bars, theaters and cinema. Palaces and mansions dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries host gaming casinos and all night for dining and dancing. Consider Bucharest rentals for your next European vacation!

Black Sea resorts on the southwestern tip of Romania attract many vacationers, offering 45 miles of fine sand beaches and possible cures for ailments. To this day, remains of ancient Greek culture from trading are found in this area, from as far back as 7th century B.C. The town areas are vivid and are home to a number of excellent museums. Sports and entertainment facilities are numerous, and participation sports are plentiful.

The Danube Delta has been deemed a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. The waters of the Danube River flow into the Balck Sea, and it is the largest delta in good shape in Europe. It’s a bird watching paradise, where over 300 permanent and migratory bird species make homes. The terrain contains wetlands with lakes and marshes coexisting with oak forests. Fishing, camping, and hiking are very popular in this twelve-habitat type area.

Brasov and Sighisoara are medieval towns in the Transylvania region, with ancient housing of tiny proportions and narrow streets. Brasov is the location of the Gothic-style Black Church, the largest church of its kind in a several country area, and the famous Bran Castle, only reputed to have a connection to Dracula. Sighisoara has Dracula connections as well as the Church of the Dominican Monastery, and one of nine surviving towers – the clock tower.

Bucovina Painted Monasteries display fresco art from 15th century heritage. This art depicts prayers, Biblical scenes, and much more. The Voronet Monastery Church in Bucovina has been dubbed “The Sistine Chapel of the East” and has both dazzling interior and exterior wall paintings. A number of the churches are considered as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Romania sports seventy natural spas that give relief to medical conditions ranging from rheumatoid arthritis to endocrine diseases and quite a bit in between. Certain conditions are better serviced by one type of spa or another. Both mineral and thermal springs are easy to find in Romania, where one third of Europe’s spas are located. Experienced professionals complement therapy with plant medicines, physio-or electo-therapy, and acupuncture.

Timisoara is near the Hungarian border with Romania and has historical significance as the site of the beginning of revolution in 1989, where memorials lie in honor of those who died. The Tokes Reformed Church, playing a role in the revolution is also in Timisoara, on the south side of the center of town.

Finding a great Romania vacation rental may seem like an intimidating process at first, but it is actually a lot easier and makes a lot more sense than booking the right hotel room! Romania vacation rentals vary in size and price, so just look through our Bucharest rentals, and other European homes, and find the one that suits you the most! 

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