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Aristocratic and Soviet history only tell a tiny portion of Russia’s story. Enjoy the vast nature of Siberia, waters, cathedrals, and so much more with a stately Russia vacation rental.

Russia Waterways

A cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg is a popular activity for touring, where vacationers can indulge in history along the Volga River. In fact, St. Petersburg is known as the City of Bridges, with over 340 bridges situated along the 45+ islands of the city – across the Neva, Moika, and Fontanka Rivers and the Griboedov Canal. For a time, the winter surface of Lake Baikal served the Trans-Siberian Railway, since the ice would form very thickly. In the summer, the lake is crystal clear, and its depth is visible to 131 feet down. Even in the Arctic area, the gorgeous lake and river waters are not to be missed.

Vacation Spots in Russia

The Arctic region of Russia beckons adventurous tourists to enjoy the wonders of nature within the very northerly circle. It would be quite commonplace to catch a glimpse of a dog sled race, or find a horse-drawn sleigh to take you from here to there. Not often would you think of hiking the slopes of active volcanoes; in this region you can! Sports in the northeastern Arctic region include superior opportunities for hunting and fishing. Kamchatka is teeming with wildlife among the lakes, rivers, and mountains.

The stops along the Trans-Siberian Railway showcase interesting towns and cities. Vladivostok sports a notable natural harbor along the Pacific Ocean. Khabarovsk has spacious roads lined with trees, along with a beach as an attraction. Find Buddhist attractions such as the Ivolginsk Datsan monastery in Ulan Ude. Irkutsk welcomes visitors to Lake Baikal. Just outside of Krasnoyarsk lie the column-shaped cliffs of the Stolby Reserve. Historical Ekaterinburg marks the house of execution for the entire Tsar Nicholas II family, and is known as the hometown of Boris Yeltsin. Tour the artistic churches of Yaroslavl.

The deepest lake in the world is Lake Baikal, on the border between Siberia and Mongolia, holding approximately 1/4th of the world’s fresh water. Truly unique fauna exists here, like nerpas (freshwater seals) and omul salmon, while bear, sables, lynx, and elk freely roam along the surrounding forest area. Activities of Lake Baikal include birdwatching, beach fun, boating, and hiking.

Cruising along the waterways of Russia, especially the Volga River, leads to medieval cities. The churches and cathedral of Uglich rise majestically above the horizon of the historical city. Enjoy the Russian 18th century architecture in the city center of Kostroma, and take note of Kostroma’s outdoor museum. Nizhni Novgorod, for many years a closed city, has attractions from post-medieval periods, the most popular being its Kremlin. Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad, is primarily a commercial/industrial city.

And the incredible vacation spots in Russia do not stop there...

European Russia is home to Murmansk, very much noted for its views such as the Northern Lights and open tundra. Summer and winter activities are possible in this city over 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle; major activities are summertime hiking and camping with wintertime skiing. Superior mineral museums complement the mining trade of 30 various minerals. Visit the Historical Museum of Polar Olympiads, or the Naval Museum in this well-connected Arctic city.

An architectural feast for the eyes is located in St. Petersburg, formerly known as both Petrograd and Leningrad. It has a nickname of the “Open-Air Museum.” The Spit (or cape) of Basil Island provides a delightful architectural view, and two estuaries are formed by the Spit. For a very cultural look at Russia, visit the Museum of Russian Vodka, taking a look at bottles, posters, and glasses, along with a few tastes of premier vodkas. For music lovers, there is the Museum of Musical Instruments, formed in 1902.

Moscow, the capital of Russia, has attractions hailing from various periods in history. The Moscow Kremlin is a main place to visit, with its most beautiful Spasskaya Tower being the primary entrance. Red Square is the location of the color-rich St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and the infamous GUM department store. Cuisine in Moscow can range from Russian favorites to exotic tastes. Refresh with the Bolshoi Theater and its infamous ballet, or with the Moscow Arts Theater, soaking in modern drama.

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