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Maybe it’s the culture…or the festivals…or the historical artifacts…or the shopping in Seoul…or the performances? We’ll keep guessing, while you take it all in because your South Korea vacation rental makes touring so easy and convenient.

South Korea Festivals

Part of your trip to South Korea should definitely include participating in one of the myriad festivities all around the country. A performance festival worth seeing is the Andong International Mask Dance Festival, including a taste of Korean traditional classical music. Try a splash of color in the night at the Lotus Lantern Festival to celebrate the birthday of Buddha, or the contemporary Hi Seoul Festival. Excite the seafood tastebuds at the Busan Jagalchi Festival and see reenactments of fishing folk culture. The entertainment world is fascinated by the Pusan International Film Festival. Celebrate flora with the Jeju Rapeseed Flower Festival each April. You won’t run out of festivals in South Korea! Just make sure to book your South Korea vacation rental home during your favorite festival.

South Korea Vacation Spots

The coastal city of Sockcho attracts many visitors each year with its East Sea-facing white-sand beach of crystal clear waters, and the fall colors of nearby Mt. Seoraksan, containing the Sinheungsa Temple. The water-locked nature of the city of Chuncheon beckons water sport lovers and those who enjoy fishing, while Chuncheon also offers vacationers the Jipdarigol National Forest, Samaksan Mountain, and Cheongpyeongsa Temple. From January through December, Gangneung will keep vacationers active. Travel to the Daegwallyeong pass and detect the true flavor of classic Korea, and see the Gangneung Confucian School for further cultural taste.

Oh, so much to see and do in the grand city of Seoul! A wealth of culture awaits vacationers, whether it’s the architecture, Bungcheon porcelain, Buddhist paintings, or folk traditions. Take a tour of the Cheong Wa Dae presidential office, or possibly view a traditional guards ceremony from Sungnyemun Square. For shopping, visit the Myeongdong and Apgujeyon areas, and light up your taste buds with kimchi jjigae, a very hot and spicy stew. Incheon, an important port city that is a gateway to international trade, provides the access to a number of islands with heavy touring interest.

UNESCO has designated Suwon’s Huaseong Fortress as a World Cultural Heritage site. Huaseong Fortress is a notable structure in that it was constructed using the principles of practical science and stood out as an achievement in the late 1700’s. Confucian thought is still found today in Andong, with about 26 schools remaining from the over 600-year reign of the Joseon Dynasty. Some of the former homes of the nobility have opened their doors to guest lodging, and tourism has escalated ever since the visit of Queen Elizabeth II in 1999. The Gyeongju Historical District is another area with the UNESCO World Heritage tag. Several famous tombs are located around Gyeongju, such as the Geumgwanchong, Cheonmachong, and the underwater tomb of King Munmu.

Experience the spring and fall colors of the awakening azalea and purple eulalia in the Mt. Biseulsan Park of Daegu. Daegu also offers a few sledding hills of note. The large central city of Daejon is known for its education and science attractions of Science Town and Daejon Expo Park. A world of culture envelops the city of Jeonju, including a traditional Korean village complete with a hot spring. Seek out the historical relics from the Silla Kingdom in the large city of Ulsan, and gaze at the Ulgi Lighthouse.

Worldwide interest is gathered in Busan with the Pusan International Film Festival, and completing the setting is a coastline of attractive beaches, islets, and lofty mountains. Gwangju offers its National Museum, which displays artifacts from various time periods starting from prehistoric days, and relics that were previously unviewed for centuries. Gwangju’s region of Jeolla-do is the pioneering region of Korean pottery. The island of Jeju-do is a top destination for vacationers, calling all to the caves, cliffs, magnificent beaches, and beautiful waterfalls. Relish the flora and fauna found on Jeju-do’s Mt. Hallasan. Vacation amenities are of high quality here.

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Sites and tours to see

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