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Looking for South Pacific vacation rentals?

Interested in traveling to a part of the world that’s bursting with beauty and energy? Then a South Pacific vacation sounds like your best bet. From carefree Australia to the gorgeous Fiji Islands, there are plenty of South Pacific vacation rentals to choose from. You’re sure to experience the ultimate getaway.

If lots of sun is a necessity on your vacation, then you ought to vacation to Australia, the Fiji Islands, or perhaps New Zealand. Indeed, a South Pacific vacation is often spent outdoors and specifically on the beach. It’s an especially great idea to consider a beach house rental for your trip to the region.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t lots of winter activity in the South Pacific as well; New Zealand hosts snow-covered mountains year-round and they are ideal for skiing and snowboarding. If this interests you, why not consider New Zealand rentals? Maybe a ski in/ski out condo will fit you and your fellow skiers perfectly.

Let’s move on to the wildly diverse country of Australia. Because of the country’s unique attractions, it doesn’t make sense to stay in a generic hotel. Whether you’re visiting exciting places like the Sydney Opera House, golfing at well-known resorts like the Bonville International Golf Resort, or exploring the country’s many natural parks, like Kakadu National Park, it’s best to hang your hat every night in one of the many Australia home rentals listed here.

But the South Pacific has even more to offer; there are over 300 islands in Fiji and they are an amazing playground for tourists of all ages. Honeymooners may spend their days at the beach, while others seek adventure by hiking the mountains, surfing the waves, or snorkeling. If this sounds appealing to you, then take a look at the several Fiji beach rentals found here. You can find a beach house rental for you and a special someone or for you and a big group of friends; the choice is truly yours. If you do go to Fiji, don’t miss out on the Bouma National Heritage Park, the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, and many of other memorable attractions.

Remember everything from a beach house rental to a ski in/ski out condo can be your next home away from home, so browse through your options for New Zealand rentals, Australia home rentals, Fiji beach rentals, and more.

Sights and tours to see

Bonville International Golf Resort
Sydney Opera House
Kakadu National Park
Bouma National Heritage Park
Sigatoka Sand Dunes