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Are you hoping to vacation in Sweden? Lapland, the beaches, untouched nature, and arts and crafts, all with the Swedish spirit, really come alive. Join in this spirit of Sweden on your vacation with a Sweden vacation rental.

Sweden Outdoors

Year-round, Sweden has a vast number of activities to suit the outdoor enthusiast. Hiking all around the country is a fantastic way to take in so much of what Sweden has to offer. The fishing in Sweden is superior, whether it’s fly-fishing or ice fishing. The hunting season runs from August to February; moose is a popular catch, and there are still so many who roam. Alpine climbing is performed at the highest mountain, Kebnekaise. In winter, the art form of snow and ice sculpting is popular, and of course, the skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, and reindeer sledding are joyful experiences. The odds are your vacation home in Sweden will be surrounded by nature!

Best Vacation Spots in Sweden

Northern Sweden is a vast, low-population area graced by the “Midnight Sun,” a phenomena where daylight shines 24 hours a day. The Norrbotten/Lapland region has a landscape that varies from islands to the high mountain peak of Kebnekaise, and skiing areas open in October. Rivers and fishing camps provide exciting game fish opportunities, and try cloudberries while dining. The area of Västerbotten displays many forests, lakes and mountains ripe for outdoor activity, as well as a vibrant arts and cultural community.

Central Sweden combines legend with a beautiful nature setting of forests, lakes, and rolling hills. Dalarna is steeped in Swedish history and tradition, with the homes of artists Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn open for touring. Keeping busy is an attraction in itself in Gästrikland; Gävle is the oldest town in the northern half of Sweden. Visit the Örebro Castle in Närke for a ghostly experience, or enjoy the many sporting and leisure pursuits. Värmland has an inviting countryside to explore in many ways.

Eastern Sweden contains the islands of Öland and Gotland, as well as the mainland area of Östergötland. Östra Småland inland is where you will uncover Astrid Lindgren’s World, and the characters from her books. The coast is a myriad of bays, rocks, etc. Öland has beaches that stretch for a distance with sand, and Sweden’s Royal family passes the summer away here, as many vacationers do. Östergötland beckons outdoor lovers with its forests, waterways, and wilderness. Enjoy the great views on Gotland.

Western Sweden is comprised of three provinces: Västergötland, Dalsland, and Bohuslän. Fishing villages dot Bohuslän, with sand beach areas ideal for crab catching, and a UNESCO World Heritage site of a stone carvings museum in Viltlycke. Dalsland is for the outdoor part of your vacation, with wildlife such as ospreys and elk, and lakes and canals to be explored by boat, canoe or kayak. In Västergötland lies wonderful architecture like the Torpa stone house and the Göta Canal, and both salt and freshwater fishing.

Småland is a craft and wares county, where furniture, glass, and paper are carefully prepared, sometimes to world renown. Aspire to be different in Skåne, where agriculture, handicrafts, and housing arrangements test the limits. Halland offers fun outdoor recreation, whether it’s on a noted beach, in the wilderness or on one of the many golf courses. Fish or enjoy flower gardens in Blekinge.

is quite metropolitan, with water never far away – Stockholm was constructed on fourteen islands. Fascinating history can be found at the Royal Castle, in use since the 13th century, and by walking on Gamla Stan’s cobblestone streets. The arts and culture is alive here, and dining is a delight. Stockholm trend sets in terms of fashion, since it is an official test market.

Göteborg has a reputation in Northern Europe for attracting first-class sporting and music events, often held on stage at Scandinavium and Ullevi. A large amusement park and a science discovery center can keep vacationers entertained for hours. Malmö defines multiculturalism in its 100 languages spoken and international contemporary art shown in gallery after gallery. Everything is close in Malmö; you’re minutes away from beaches, shopping, and entertainment like the 900-hour Malmö Festival.

Although it may be hard to narrow down the best vacation spots in Sweden, it shouldn't be hard to find Sweden vacation rentals. From a luxurious to a cheap and casual vacation home in Sweden, you'll be lounging around and relaxing in your ideal accommodations in no time. If you vacation in Sweden, just make sure you do it the smart and economical way: with a vacation home! 

Sites and tours to see

High Coast area (UNESCO site) in Northern Sweden
Blue Mountain in Kilsbergen
Wadköping old town in Närke
Omberg and Tåkern bird watching areas in Östergötland
Göta Canal in Östergötland
Salve (Renaissance Castle) in Kalmar
Havets Hus Aquarium in Bohuslän
Stone carving museum in Viltlycke
Aqueduct in Håverud
Karlsborgs Fortress in Västergötland
Royal Castle in Stockholm
Skansen open-air museum in Stockholm
Botanical Gardens in Göteborg