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Whether you're planning a hiking vacation in Switzerland or you plan to explore the country's culture and entertainment, you're in for a very exciting experience!

The culture, the winter, the nature, and high-class entertainment are only part of the treasures in Switzerland. Switzerland vacation rentals can be as varied as the terrain on which they are built.

Switzerland in Winter

Switzerland is truly as alive in the winter as in the three other seasons. In almost every region of Switzerland, mountain after mountain is ripe for skiing. Where else might you honestly consider a hot-air balloon ride a Northern Hemisphere winter sport but around Lake Geneva? The country also offers cross-country, parabol skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, dogsledding, tobogganing, ice climbing, and horse-drawn sleigh rides. What wonderful means of transportation to do all this as well!

Switzerland Key Areas

Geneva’s nickname is Capital of Peace – not surprisingly, since the United Nation’s European headquarters is located in the city. Experience the full flavor of a metropolitan city without the size – great performing arts, high-rated dining, sophisticated shopping. A country pace is not very far away; on Geneva’s outskirts lie estates and the Perlan wine villages. Alpine peaks coupled with plains and fine wine vineyards describe the Lake Geneva region. With mountains on two sides, and villages with chalets, Lake Geneva is a year-round vacation destination. Surrounding cities have thriving culture and shopping. So if you're looking for the ultimate Switzerland experience, book a vacation home in Geneva, Switzerland!

Travel from the high peaks of Jura down to Lake Neuchâtel and its namesake town, where a castle and a cathedral dominate the land. Fribourg’s medieval city center has weathered well over the years and winter sport areas are more secluded here. Jura Bernois is part of Watch Valley, the Swiss watchmaking capital region. Schweizer Mittelland features the capital city of Bern and its Parliament Building. The Old Town of Bern sports a curious, long-stretching covered mall with shops positioned in medieval cellar vaults. The medieval town planning has earned a UNESCO listing for World Cultural Heritage. Easy access to museums, cafés, and theaters is the rule in Bern.

Bernese Oberland is filled with ornately decorated chalets in villages off of sailboat-friendly Lakes Brienz and Thun, as well as castles that tell the silent story of days of riches. Take a holiday in the forest and lush areas with the backdrop of mountains. Valais is a region imbued by diverse ethnicity – a mix of German, French, and Mediterranean – and the blend of ancient and modern. It contains twelve large glaciers and the Rhone River, fickle in its character from town to town. See both orchards and vineyards.

Basel harbors culture at every turn, a metropolitan region that embraces the sciences and business as well. For shopping, there is an open-air market, specialty shops, and larger stores. Socialize in the bistros and cafés by night, or accompanied by an evening of art. Central Switzerland is home to sites of history, such as a William Tell monument and period monasteries. View or ride the suspended cables cars going to the mountain summits. It’s an area supporting sports, and both city and valley can relish it.

Italian influences have colored Ticino greatly. Ticino is where palm tree and mountain stand nearby each other, and the parks have a sub-tropic feel. You can go from summer camellias to winter skis in a few minutes, and the architecture shows ancient accents. All shades of the rainbow thrive in Graubünden, and so do the languages Italian, German, and Romansh. Mountains and Alpine valleys cut by rivers from all angles describe the landscape. Try a round of snow golf in winter in Graubünden.

Eastern Switzerland is very friendly to the cycling community, with posted signs and unique paths. Art, history, and culture lovers will appreciate St. Gallen’s monastery district and historic Schaufhassen. A good number of guesthouses are in the mountains. Enjoy the old town, or check out the hip Zürich West district. Zürich abounds in the arts and culture, and shopping at the legendary Bahnhofstrasse is a must. The cuisine ranges from Zürich, and Swiss to eclectic. Both indoor and outdoor nightlife thrives.

It's pretty clear that a Switzerland mountain vacation is not uncommon! Neither is a straightforward hiking vacation in Switzerland. What does all this mean? It means that travelers are often active and adventurous and they need to come home to a comfy, private, peaceful setting. Switzerland vacation rentals are the choice of many visitors, and it should be yours as well. 

So find accommodations for your daring Switzerland mountain vacation, or find a luxurious vacation home in Geneva, Switzerland! We have vacation rentals for every kind of vacation!

Sites and tours to see

Watchmaking Route
Zytglogge (Clock Tower) in Bern
Bear Pit in Bern
Parliament Building
Cathedral in Bern
Christmas House in Basel
Schöllenen Bridge in Central Switzerland
Lucerne's Chapel Bridge in Central Switzerland
Limmatquai in Zürich
The Rhine Falls
princes' castle in Vaduz
Baroque basilica in St. Gallen
Castelgrande, Castello di Montebello and Castello di Sasso Corbaro in Bellinzona