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Do the safaris and national parks beckon? Is it the white sand beaches of Zanzibar? Do you seek great fishing and diving opportunities? Tanzania can answer all of your questions, and a Tanzania vacation rental can put all your cares away, disappearing into the wildlife areas.

Tanzania Safaris

Adventurers everywhere are welcomed guests in Tanzania vacation rentals! Can you even visit Tanzania without thinking about a safari? The Northern Circuit includes such destinations as the Serengeti, Tarangire, and Lake Manyara National Parks. For a more rapid safari trip, there’s the Ngorongoro Crater coupled with Lake Manyara. Even if the journey seems scary on land, you can always take a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti. The Southern Circuit safaris include the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha. Try a dolphin safari near Zanzibar. In all cases, you’ll be treated to a an unforgettable wildlife adventure.

Tanzania Vacation Spots

The capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, is the largest town in all of Tanzania, and has one of the largest natural harbors on the globe. History can be explored though visiting the State House, and viewing the well-known sculpture of Askari Monument. The busy market of Kariakoo and the beautiful exotic beaches just south of the town by day lead to great times with the nightlife. A more remote area is the Gombe Stream region, where Gombe Streams National Park is located is a beautiful area of the Mahale Mountains. Fifty species of monkeys, including the yellow baboon and galago, have been found in the park, as well as hippopotamus and Defassa waterbuck. The town of Kigoma is a major ferry port off of Lake Tanganyika.

The majestic and challenging mountain, Kilimanjaro, offers climbs not for the faint of heart. The tallest freestanding mountain on Earth has quite a bit of local mythology associated with it, and the trek upwards leads from subtropical jungles into coverings of snow. The crop-surrounded town of Arusha leads to Serengeti and its annual fauna migrations, Tarangire and Arusha National Parks as well as Lake Manyara. Though not as popular as its areas in Kenya and Uganda, the Lake Victoria region in Tanzania has its own personality: seldom visited and appealing. Go where few have gone: to Rubondo Island National Park, and spend a week there due to ferry schedules, or check out the Biharamulu Game Reserve, or visit the Sukoma Museum outside of Mwanza, featuring an awesome display of drums.

The Ruaha and Lake Rukwa Region includes Dodoma, the official capital of Tanzania, which is almost the only place in East Africa where red, rose, and white wines are made. Lake Rukwa is worth visiting for outstanding birdwatching, and a high density of crocodiles. Ruaha National Park is home to extremely large numbers of animals such as lion, buffalo, and elephant. The Tanganyika Region is named for the deepest lake on the continent, holding the habitat of over 250 types of fish, ideal for fishing, diving, and snorkeling. Explore the Mahale Mountains National Park on foot, seeing a wealth of game and other creatures. For another dose of remoteness, try the varied terrain and plenty of fauna in Katavi National Park.

Find the largest game reserve on the African continent, a UNESCO World Heritage site: Selous Game Reserve in the Great Selous region. Selous can be traveled to and explored via flight to a safari, automobile, or boat. Mikumi National Park isn’t quite as wild as Selous, but can be visited in two days, still marveling at all of the game. Appreciate the continuous rainforest of Udzungwa Mountains National Park.

If you are looking for a diversion from the active vacation for a while in Tanzania, Mafia Island might just provide the respite you are seeking. Mafia Island is utopia for game fishing, and diving. The horseshoe shape known as Chloe Bay is lined with gorgeous beaches and has a continuous island-length coral reef outside of the bay. Zanzibar Island, part of the Spice Coast, remembers with Islamic ruins and majestic houses from Arabs, and many buildings have been restored. Visit Stone Town with its maze of squares and alleyways, and modest dress is appropriate on the island. Try a water sport in the delightfully warm ocean water, and dine on the freshest fish available. Speaking of foods, see some of the Spice plantations.

You may not be aware of all these exciting, fun Tanzania vacation spots! You also may not be aware of vacation rentals in Tanzania. But the two go hand in hand.

So look through the vacation rentals in Tanzania, and in Africa as a whole, and inquire about your preferred accommodations while they're available. 

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