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More history, archaeology, and civilizations…from the beaches to the mountains…the gateway between Europe and Asia…it’s all Turkey. A Turkey vacation rental has to live up to the same fine quality as the rest of the country, so why not book today?

Turkey Yachting

Yachting in Turkey leads both vacationers and residents to share in well over 5,000 miles of coastline stretching across 4 seas: the Mediterranean, Aegean, Black and the Sea of Marmara. An amazing number of beautiful selections of bays, inlets, coves, and beaches are available for nightly anchorages. What’s extra exciting is that sailing through both the Ottoman and Byzantine historical periods is practically possible. Where else can you sail between Europe and Asia so elegantly? And where would you expect to encounter the motorized vessels known as gulettes, Turkey’s own design for the seas? A yachter’s dream awaits around Turkey.

Turkey Key Vacation Spots

Enjoy the coastline of the Aegean Region, complete with immaculate beaches and peaceful fishing harbors alongside groves of olive trees. Izmir is a large, lively city with a sophisticated feel, and has plenty of historical, cultural, and archaeological interest. In the North Aegean area, Bergama is a premier archaeological site, with remains of temples, a library, a theater, and more. More inland lies the nice looking city of Manisa, with great examples of Ottoman and Seljuk architecture.

The South Aegean region features the city of Efes, or Ephesus, with artifacts dating back as far as 3000 B.C. A steady place for Catholic and Muslim pilgrimage is at the house called Meryemana Evi, where Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, was taken to live after Christ’s death. Bodrum is a spectacular resort city, replete with a wonderful marina and yachting races, and home to the Ancient Wonder of the World Tomb of King Mausolus.

The well-visited city of Istanbul is in the Marmara region. The sheer number of attractions and things to do in Istanbul includes the Topkapi Palace, the Beyazit Tower at Istanbul University, and taking a ride to sightsee up the Bosphorus to straddle Europe and Asia. A yacht trip brings sailors around islands and bays, while a round or two of golf provides another fresh breath of air and a different view. Great vacation stays are sure to be found in places such as Kerpe and Lake Sapanca, while the primary winter sports area is in Uludag. Consider an Istanbul vacation rental for your trip to the Middle East!

If you delight in the idea of three hundred days of bright sun, the Turkey Mediterranean area (called the Turkish Riviera) will be perfect for your vacation. Antalaya is a major resort city, with history lovers satisfied by places such as Hadrian’s Gate, and recreation like at the Antalya Kaleici Marina and Leisure Center. The modern city Mersin, on the east coast, has tasty specialties of cezire (carrot rolled around walnut) and a small spicy sauce pizza called biberli ekmek. Visit peaceful Tarsus, where Paul of the Bible was from.

Central Anatolia features Turkey’s capital city, Ankara. Here lies the mausoleum of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Kemal Ataturk, in a very fine modern architectural achievement. Museum choices are yours: from the Museum of the Republic to the Turkish Radio and Television Broadcasting Museum. Many historical mosques also capture the interest of vacationers. Relax in a beautiful Ankara park, or be stirred to the sights and sounds of dance and the Presidential Symphony Orchestra.

History truly dominates the tourism of SouthEast Anatolia, where three important cities are the highlights. Gaziantep has remains of the Hittites, and the Yesemek Open Air Museum, the largest sculpture “museum” of its kind in Near East Asia. High quality architecture defines Mardin, where the carvings and decorations are exquisite. The city walls, made of black basalt, are the most famous aspect of Diyarbakir and an excellent instance of military architecture during the medieval period.

The Eastern lands treat vacationers to diversity in landscapes, from a plateau region to the Biblically famous great Mount Ararat. Its civilizations have left legacies in religious and secular architecture, from the Byzantines to the Seljuks to the Ottomans. Surprisingly verdant and humid is Turkey’s Black Sea coast, along with inviting quieter beaches perfect for sun, water, and sand enjoyment. Those who enjoy canoeing, mountain biking, or Jeep exploration will be happy, along with archaeological seekers.

Finding a Turkey Vacation Rental

When you're far away from home, it's nice to feel like you're at home when you wake up in the morning, or settle down for the night. That's why Turkey vacation rentals are such a great idea. So whether it's an Istanbul vacation rental, or another home in the Asia/Middle East, you're looking for -- just make sure you avoid hotels. 

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