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The staggering amount of history and architecture, resorts along the Black Sea, and the arts are only some of the pointers to the Ukraine. You Ukraine vacation rental could put you near health, or history, or both.

Ukrainian Arts and Crafts

Vacation rentals in the Ukraine will give you more than just a glimpse of a truly unique and interesting country. After you finish touring all of the exciting architecture in the Ukraine, chances are that you’ll want to shop for some arts and crafts. The Ukraine has a long-standing heritage of beautiful art with intricate detail using media from embroidery to ceramics to woodworking and leather goods. The world-famous pysanky, or Easter egg designs, are achieved with a stylus, dyes, and beeswax. Many of the arts in various materials point back to the deep spirituality in the region. A number of museums with a variety of art await your visit in the Ukraine.

Ukraine Vacation Spots

Visit both the Arts Museum and the Museum of Local Lore in the main cultural area of the Cherkasy region, Cherkasy. Relish the wealth of history in Chernihiv, where architecture is a prominent characteristic in structures such as the Spasky Cathedral from the 1100’s and the mansion of Yakov Lysohub from the 1600’s. More great history and architecture can be found in Chernivtsi, including the Armenian Church, built in 1869, whose acoustics are so excellent that classical chamber music concerts are held there today. Navigate your way through the shopping opportunities and cafes in the Karl Marx Prospekt in Dnipropetrovsk, take time to look at Zhovtneva Square with its interesting architecture buildings and park, and finally check out the fascinating Monastyrskiy Island. Ivano Frankivsk offers a natural diversion of verdant pastures of alpines, fir forests, and immaculate streams from springs.

Kharkiv has two cathedrals to see, Pokrovskiy and Uspenskiy, from the era of its high commercialization, in the 1600’s and 1700’s. Khotyn has a fortress to tour that has seen many battles in history, as well as other archaeological artifacts from the tribes of the upper Dnipro and Dnister Rivers. The Narcissus Valley Preserve in Khust is home to blooming narrow leaf narcissuses, and Khust is also home to the ruins of Khust Castle, guarding the marmaross salt mines as well as the king and his property. Kyiv, or Kiev, is proudly the capital of Ukraine, and arts and culture attract many to the city. Shops and even the historic St. Sophia’s Cathedral have Ukrainian hand-made crafts including pottery and embroidery for sale. Theater is abundant in Kiev, from the Kyiv Opera House to the creative Kyiv Young Theater. The Golden Gate structure, from approximately 1038, is close to the middle of town. Just a walk down the main street of Kyiv, Khreshatik, can be a very pleasant experience.

More local crafts can be purchased in Kosiv, well known for its work in leather, metal, ceramics, embroidery, weaving, woodcarving, and Hutsul folk crafts. Lviv has been recognized by UNESCO as a site of World Architectural Monuments, and close by Lviv are theraputic spas and ski centers. Mukacheve adds to the architectural wonder with a castle (withstood many attacks), a monastery, and a wooden church. The Black Sea port city of Odessa, also known as the Pearl of the Black Sea, characterizes more of a Mediterranean look from input from French and Italian styles. Odessa has a wide selection of theraputic resorts, and a wide diversity of cultures. Don’t miss the Odessa Theater of Opera and Ballet, highly ranked in all of Europe. Odessa also is blessed with eye-catching beaches and an interesting marine railway.

A cave like no other exists in Podvirne, with an amazing tri-layer underground labyrinth approximately 6-10 feet wide and 6-13 feet high. Visit the city of Sevastopol, on the Black Sea, with an incredible number of memorials and monuments. Svalyava truly has healing mineral waters in several types. Truskavets is a popular resort area for its variety of mineral springs, also, but with another twist: drinking the mineral water Naftusia for health purposes. Uzhgorod has a number of highly interesting castles, and is well regarded for its wine-making. Yalta is a sunny Black Sea resort area with museums of Russian writers such as A. P. Chekov, great history, and rough beaches. Make sure to visit the Niktinin Botanical Garden, with some 28,000 types of flora.

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Sites and tours to see

Sign indicating geographic center of Europe in Rakhiv
Spasky Cathedral in Chernihiv
Armenian Church in Chernivtsi
Monastyrskiy Island near Dnipropetrovsk
Khust Castle
St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kyiv
Architectural monuments in Lviv
Odessa Theater of Opera and Ballet
Cinderella Cave in Podvirne
Ruins of Nevytskiy Castle near Uzhgorod
Uzhgorod Castle
Vorontsov Palace in Yalta