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The colonial architecture, the beaches, the gauchos on the plain, and great beef – they’re all Uruguay. Everything from World Hertage to contemporary attractions is minutes away from your Uruguay vacation rental.

Uruguay People and Beaches

Very interestingly, most (about 90 percent) of the people of Uruguay are of European descent, and very few are purely indigenous; this contrasts other South American countries. Another fact that stands out is that most of the people are part of the middle class, and have a high standard of living. You’ll find many of the people enjoying the beaches: at Montevideo, Atlántida, Solis, Piriápolis, Portezuelo, and Punta del Este. Sometimes these beach areas are likened to the French Riviera in terms of glitzy quality and entertainment value. Whether it’s people watching, lying in the sun, or enjoying the waters, have fun! An Uruguay vacation home is a best way to get to know the country's people and beautiful coastline!

Uruguay Vacation Spots

Aguas Dulces, in the department of Rocha, is quite a peaceful resort area with sandy beaches and access to the country’s great nature. Relax while the palm trees wave at you, and then sample the fruit of the butía palm. Try your hand at fishing, and then engage in a water sport such as windsurfing or rowing in a nearby lake. The coastal town of Colonia Del Sacramento features colonial architecture from the Portuguese, and a number of places to tour such as the fortress walls and the oldest church in the country. Its fortress and port is now under UNESCO designation on the World Heritage list. The homes are colorful, similar to past times in Lisbon, Portugal and are interspersed with arts and crafts shops, restaurants, and museums. Peer at the only bullring in Uruguay here, since bullfighting is now prohibited.

Montevideo is a pretty capital city, combining Italian, Spanish, and art deco styles in its architecture. It has both an old section (Ciudad Vieja) and a newer area, and the entire city is encircled with white sand beaches. In Ciudad Vieja, besides the lovely 19th century architecture, feast your eyes and mouth on Mercado del Puerto. One flaming grill after another will have sizzling meat of different kinds. For cultural fun, set foot on Avenida 18 de Julio and be transformed into an arts buff with a welcoming selection of theater, galleries, and museums. Get back to nature at Parque Santa Teresa, a national park ideal for setting up camp or walking. For some history, the Santa Teresa Portuguese fort is a fascinating location. See exotic trees and botanical gardens to satisfy your flora appetite. The beaches here are good, though the surf is significantly rough here.

For a beachside vacation, consider Punta Del Este rentals. Punta Del Este is a narrow strip of land surrounded by glorious beaches. Each part of the beaches seems to attract different beachgoers: there are places where families congregate, where active sports lovers hang out, and places where the drop-dead gorgeous set up. The calmer waves of Playa Mansa contrast the larger, stronger waves of Playa Brava, where surfers like to ride. The Rambla General Artigas is the strip of seafood restaurants and nightlife options like cafés, casinos, and bars. Partake in many watersports: deep-sea fishing, waterskiing, swimming, yachting, and of course surfing. More sport options lead to the excellent golf courses, and tennis courts available. If you tire from the outdoors, take a break with Casa Pueblo – it once was a fortress designed in the style of the Moors, and now holds an art gallery and hotel to visit.

The sunsets are magnificent in Uruguay, including the town of Salto, where gauchos roam the land. A theater designed from early acoustic understanding is the Theater Larranaga, constructed in 1882. Museums in Salto include the Museum of Man, and the Museum of Fine Arts. The Salto Grande Dam is a technological marvel and has added to the population expansion in the area. Tacuarembó is a town where you’ll find a myriad of commissioned sculptures of people from the varied fields of military, the clergy, writers, and educators. Visit its plazas providing shade, walk along the sycamores beside the streets, and check out its gaucho festival featuring exhibitions, and music.

Whether it's Punta Del Este rentals, or other South American homes, you're interested in, just avoid the temptation to make hotel reservations altogether. Uruguay vacation rentals are the only good option if you're traveling to the country. So find a wonderful Uruguay vacation home today, and inquire about it! 

Sites and tours to see

Mauseleo de Artigas in Montevideo
Mercado del Puerto in Montevideo
Plaza Independencia in Montevideo
Catedral Matriz in Montevideo
Barrio Historico in Colonia del Sacramento
Puerta de la Ciudadela in Colonia del Sacramento
Colonia Lighthouse
Cerro de San Antonio around Piriápolis
Cerro del Toro in Piriápolis
Casa del Pueblo in Punta del Este
Painted buildings in San Gregorio de Polanco