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  • Great Location near Magnolia and Ballard
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    We had to be in Magnolia so Ronak's location was great for us. It was also very close to the Ballard bridge, which allowed us quick access to Ballard and communities to the north. It also was close to Downtown Seattle. Street parking in front of or close to the unit was good. Ronak provided excellent communication. There was ample bottled water in the fridge; bed was comfortable. Would have given it 5-star rating except for two safety issues: Walking from the driveway to the basement unit's entry door, the concrete slab has a step-down that we did not expect. We returned to the unit after dark everyday and did not know that the photoelectric light was turned 'off'. That first night, it was extremely dangerous trying to estimate the walking distance to that step-down. We bought a flashlight on day 2 so we would not be surprised again; we also located the light switch (among 3 other light switches) inside the unit that operated the photoelectric light and left it in the 'on' position. Ronak, that switch should be clearly labeled. Our second issue was the 'step-downs' within the unit: There are 2 steps located between the bathroom and the refrigerator area. The floor in this area is painted white concrete and difficult to see the steps if one is not paying attention. We are senior citizens and are not used to paying much attention to getting from one end of a room to another. After almost tripping once, I tried not to walk in that direction and used the secondary walk through. There is another step down in the 'living area', but that area is carpeted so if you fall or trip, you may not get hurt. I placed some furniture at that step down so I would remember it was there. There was also an underlying scent throughout the unit---not very bothersome unless you have allergies against certain products. Having relatives in the immediate area, I was aware of the prevalence of (Huge) spiders throughout Seattle, so seeing and killing a huge one in the kitchen area was not unusual, and then I recognized the scent: it was insecticide. Ronak, maybe try Febreeze to mask the insecticide scent. The location is a great one for us. We will be back.

    Stayed: Oct 2018
  • Fantastic unit and location.
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    We loved this sweet little bungalow unit in Ballard. The unit is a sunny walkout basement with a great outdoor private patio. Since we stayed 3 weeks, we really wanted a unit that was comfortable, clean, and we'll furnished. This met all our needs. Rebecca and Joel were always helpful with questions, and made the washer & dryer available for our use. Although it is close to the railroad tracks, it never woke us during the night. With the owners upstairs, it was never noisy. Hopefully, we will return!

    Stayed: Sep 2018